How to Begin Your Application

Before you apply you will need an account
and an applicant profile. For help setting these up please refer to
the guidance documents on our website. You will not be able to start your eligibility questionnaire and application until your applicant profile has been manually validated. This will take up to five working days. Once your applicant profile has been validated
we will inform you by e-mail. When you’ve received this e-mail
log into the portal with your account details. To start your eligibility questionnaire
and application click ‘Browse Programmes’ in the left-hand
navigation bar. Click the ‘Register’ icon
against the programme you want to apply for. On the applicant details screen select an
existing applicant from the top drop-down menu. Please do not click on the ‘Applicant Type’ drop-down. Click ‘Save & Next’ to proceed. Please check your applicant profile details
are up to date by clicking ‘Next’ or ‘Save & Next’ to go through the pages of your applicant profile. If your applicant profile is up to date
click ‘Return to Registration Wizard’. If you need to update any details in your
applicant profile click the ‘Edit’ button on the submission
summary screen. Navigate back to the relevant page in your
applicant profile and make the necessary changes. Once you have made any changes click ‘Save’. Navigate back to the submission summary. Once there click ‘Complete’. Click ‘Next’ to proceed. Work through the programme registration steps
to create a new project and complete the eligibility questionnaire and application.

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