How to Breathe Through Nose at Night

so I’m going to wrap it up with a brief study that we did three years ago in Ireland and then we’ll have about 15 minutes for questions or so and the study looked at 26 volunteers and it was conducted by the Department of our salon ecology Islamic regional hospital I was brought in as the instructure and the youth revalidated outcomes to use the nose which was developed at Stanford and the nose evaluation survey it looks a nasal congestion or stuffiness your sense of smell snoring nasal blockage or obstruction trouble breathing through the nose trouble sleeping having to breathe through the mountain able to get enough air to notice during exercise or exertion and feeling panic that you cannot get enough air to the nose so the nose survey was used this not test was used which is designed a nasal outcome test and a visual analog scale i think you are familiar with this not 22 testuser your urien tease so before teaching the exercises it wasn’t blue and three months follow-up was in red so across all three validated outcomes now what did we teach I Tosh the exercise to decongest the nose we talked about the importance of nose breathing twenty-four-seven not just for brief periods nose breathing both during the day and nose breathing during sleep we talk different exercises including the exercise that you practice now you’re probably wondering how did we get them out clothes that nice we use a simple paper tape but it can be a little bit controversial so i’m going to show you another product as well that’s just coming on the market and I’ve absolutely no financial interest but the paper tape by started using paper tape mountain 99 th and I never stopped it has gave me the best night sleep when you’re sleeping what I’m out open you don’t have a good night’s sleep you don’t have a good night sleep to attend to wake up more fatigued you tend to be more tired during the day most certainly the quality of sleep is affected if the market is open the paper tape we use one inch micropore tape simply drive the lips and you’re going to replace it that way are places that way that can sometimes raised eyebrows just a product now is just come from Australia when he came back two weeks i’m not sure when it comes to the usa it’s called sleep you I think it’s a very interesting product and that it’s going to be it’s going to make our job a lot more easier because oftentimes the criticism of my god you’re asking me to put paper tape on my mouth sleep q is like a tube of toothpaste you squeeze it a little piece of hours on your finger and your foolish on your lip you press your lips together and it sticks your lips it’s sticky food and it’s past form its pharmaceutical grade so this will come out and I think it will make your life just a little bit a little bit easier superglue so overall the reduction of symptoms that we did at three months follow-up for seventy-two percent now this is without days of corticosteroids this is without operation this is only teaching the body to help itself looking at the relationship between oral breathing heavy breathing and that’s how it’s contributing to nasal congestion and number of things that i want to leave you wish we have to increase the awareness of the importance of nose breathing board in childhood and animals we also have to look at breathing volume if an individual walks into your clinic and if we map reading for a period of time and are having noticeable breathing and you sit them down and you simply measure how long can comfortably hold their breath for or they may be signing regularly the rule of thumb is if you can easily see a person breeder arrest they are breathing too much the three things that we look for in the back the amplitude of the Brett the response to race and the natural pause between breaths you want the amplitude to be nice Lyfe soft and easy you want a natural pause between breaths and you want a normal response your brace rage that is good breathing and it’s easy to fix we would expect snoring symptoms to reduce by about seventy seventy-five percent in two weeks but minute volume has never been measured it’s only been measured once in obstructive sleep apnea all of the studies have focused on their way we really have to look at the other half of the picture and that’s breathing so thank you very much if you have

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