How to Choose the Best Optics | Special Forces Sniper review | Tactical Rifleman

Alright I get asked all the time Carl what
scope do you recommend I get do you like this brand versus this brand do I need
this magnification do I need this honestly you need to get optics that
match your mission everybody’s particular situation is different if all
you’re doing is home defense very very close in ranges than a simple aim point
or eo-tech like in this case red dot sight just fine zero magnification very
little parallax basically where we put that red dot that’s where you’re going
to hit all right great great capability however it doesn’t have the max ocation
that are needed for some missions now let’s say you have a mission where your
situation says okay I can get by with a red dot but I also need on occasion I
need some magnification that case I would recommend that you would go with a
variable power scope in this case this is a this one’s made by Horus vision I
can dial it from one power so basically I’m looking through the same as that
EOTech or that aimpoint single red dot but I can also dial it all the way up to
seven power magnification right gives me the magnification needed right now you
notice I did not say it goes all the way down to three power or two power for AR
for close in you want to maintain that capability of
being able to go all the way down to a true one power scope one power
magnification it doesn’t do that they’re probably not the right scope for you
somebody trying to set up an AR I recommend that they go straight to a one
power alright then they can come up from there alright
but let’s say you’re running that red dot but once in a great while you need
magnification behind this particular EOtech here this is a 3x magnifier alright
while I can looking through those that red dot
I’m good then for long range shots all I do is I flip that 3x magnifier over
behind it and now I’m looking through this 3x magnifier then through my zeros
optic what this does is even though I’ve added 3x magnification I’ve not changed
the zero as a weapon this weapon is still zeroed I’ve not changed anything
at all where if I taken this off and put another scope on with more magnification
I potentially would have lost a zero good capability however it’s still very
limited it’s either 1x or it’s 3x there’s no
variable in between so I kind of tend to lean towards one that has variable power
1x through either 5 to 7 one of my personal favorites is this particular
one is made by sworsky right it is a true basically 1 to 6
power so magnification wise it’s not as strong as some of the other
ones out there however what I really like about this scope is the illuminated
reticle now a lot of scopes that have an illuminated reticle what I really like
about the svorski is it has a two position now I can set it to to the left
and then change brightness either dimmer or brighter alright go back to Center is
off and then I can go back to the right and I can set brighter or dimmer so it
allows me to save two set things so what does that matter Carl? Where that
matters is I come off the Humvee I’m heading to the building I’m outside it’s
a bright day very very bright outside I need that red dot in this scope to be
very very bright now as I go through that initial breach point on the
building and I’m in a dimly lit building that bright dot would be too bright it
would overwhelm my field of view I wouldn’t be able
see anything through the scope I reach out my finger flip it to the right now
I’ve already had preset it to a very dim setting to where now it works perfect
inside the shootout now there are some drawbacks to this scope it’s a second
focal plane in other words when I change magnification the MIL reticle and it
does not maintain the same new relation to what the target has where the horse
visions our first focal plane and the clusters will maintain same ratio aspect
as the target to the front one drawback but other than I think this is an
awesome scope now high-powered variable scope if you’re running a larger calibre
AR in particular this one here is a JP Enterprise 308 you’ll notice I have a
larger variable power scope on it a great allows you to reach out low in
8lr doesn’t start running out of gas two seven eight hundred meters your scope
allows you to easily reach out to there and identify friend or foe even at those
distances however close in I can’t dial this scope down to through one power
we’re going to have to fall back on the iron sight all right so that’s basically
it you want to pick the optics that matches your mission

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