How to Color Fake Black Eye with Makeup | Special FX Makeup

Now, I’m going to show you how to make the
deep bruising. First, I’m going to take a little bit of yellow
that I have in this palette, and I’m going to surround the whole bruised area with a
little bit of yellow to create a gross discoloration. I’m just going to dab it on there. It will be subtle. A little more. Now, the older a bruise is, the more yellow
and green it becomes. Initially, when you’re in the deeper parts
of the bruising, it’s purples and reds. Okay. So that’s adding a little bit of yellow to
the overall bruise, and now I’m going to add a deeper red for the next layer. You can see this is more of a purple-y color. The darker the color, close your eyes, at
the point of impact, and now I’m going to add a deep purple color. Again, I’m just going to take the end of brush
and dab the product on my brush so I know I don’t have too much on my brush. Close. Just really lightly tapping this. The great thing about these bristles are it
gives it an erratic shape to the bruise, the same thing that you can achieve with a stipple
sponge. Close. Just remember to play around and see what
works for you. Look at me. Now, this area in-between that isn’t so bruised,
I’m going to add a tiny bit of color. Look up. All right. And there you have a black eye.


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