How to Control Formosan Termites

termites are a homeowners worst
nightmare because they will eat you out of house and home they will do a lot of
damage and can be difficult to get rid of but termite control does not have to
cost you thousands of dollars in this video I will show you how you can
control termites easily to save your home and money hi i’m keith with
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let’s start on the outside no matter what type of foundation you have you’ll
want to dig a trench approximately 6 inches by 6 inches all the way around
the house we want to use a professional grade product such as Taurus SC we want
to apply this product in the trench by using a poly sprayer once complete
backfill this will create a chemical barrier that will prevent and kill
termites from coming up from the exterior next we’re going to use our red
eye termite stations the red eye termite stations can be installed around the
house to control and prevent termites we’ll want to place these in areas that
are conducive to termites they should be placed anywhere from 8 to 10 feet apart
and back away from the drip edge monitoring the dread eye termite station
is very simple there’s a clear view window in the very top of the station
there’s a red eye that sits there and it’s actually painted onto a wooden
dowel as termites come up through the bottom of the station they begin to feed
on all that wood material the red eye drops now you know that you have termite
activity once that happens we’re gonna take FitPro
aerosol we’re gonna inject the FitPro into the station the neat thing about
this product is that it’s a foam the longer you inject the deeper it travels
through the galleries and the ground providing a direct kill now let’s move
on to the inside Formosan termites not only nest in the ground but also above
ground in the structure where there’s adequate moisture so it’s important that
during our inspection process that we identify this specific area where these
cartons or nests are located I have a Partin here to create the carton
Formosan termites use dirt feces and other materials they also produce a
substance that’s almost like a glue that binds it all together within the walls
the purpose of this carton is to create an increased humid and moist environment
to sustain the termites the location of the carton can be identified by the
discoloration of sheetrock or being soft and moist to the touch once we’ve
identified the location we’ll want to remove the sheetrock remove the carton
replace any damaged would then take FitPro airsoft foam and inject it in all
the termite galleries also you can use the FitPro foam around voids cracks and
crevices around your windows doors or fireplaces remember get these products
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