How To Cure Ear Infection At Home Within 5 Minutes

How to Cure an Ear Infection fast
The pain in the ear due to infection is so painful and can range from a dull vibration
to an absolute burning and severe stabbing interruption. Ear infection can make difficulty to concentrate
and this pain exude down into your neck and jaws. Causes
Bacteria and viruses are the main cause of middle ear infections. There are also some contributing factors that
can cause ear infection such as food allergies, fetal alcohol syndrome, upper respiratory
infections, wax buildup, internal injuries, environmental allergies and nutritional deficiencies. Commonly, it occurs more in children as compared
to adults. Symptoms:
Some common symptoms of ear infection are vomiting, tugging at the ear, sleeping difficulty,
headache, poor response to sounds, diarrhea, pain in the ear, high fever, poor response
to sounds, and fluid draining from the ear etc. Here are some natural home remedies for the
treatment of ear infection. Follow these remedies for mild infection but
consult your doctor in the case of severe ear infection. Home Remedies for How to Cure an Ear Infection
fast Number 1
Onion Onion has lot of medicinal uses and it is
great cure for the ear infection. Chop a small sized onion and microwave it
for 2 minutes after putting it in a bowl. Strain out its juice when it cool and put
3 drops of onion juice in the ear. Leave it for 5 minutes and drain out of your
ear after tuning your head. Alternatively, bake one small sized onion
for 30 minutes and cut it into two pieces. Put one piece of onion in a thick cotton cloth
and place it on the infected area for 5 minutes. Repeat this process after 10 minutes. Number 2
Warm Water Bottle To get instant relief, apply some heat to
the infected area of ear. Through this process, you will prevent from
micro-organism infestation and relieve the pain swiftly. Press a compress warm or heating pad/ warm
water bottle against the ear. Take lukewarm water and dip a washcloth in
it. Place it on the infected area. But remember don’t apply the heat for longer
time. Remove the heat after 5 minutes and then repeat
the process if need. Number 3
Sleep without putting pressure on the ear Some sleep position can intensify the ear
infection pain. But on the other hand, some sleeping position
can help to get rid of it. Sleep with faced down towards the pillow can
help the ear drain better. Use extra pillows to elevate your head; it
will also help the ears drain quickly. Number 4
Garlic Garlic has natural pain relieving traits due
to its antimicrobial properties. It helps to get rid of ear infection. Here we discuss some methods to cure ear infection
using garlic. Take 2 tbsp. of sesame oil or mustard oil
and two cloves of garlic. Cook garlic cloves in this oil till it turns
blackish. Strain this oil and use 3 to 4 drops in the
infected ear when the oil is bearably hot. Instead, boil 2 garlic cloves in water for
5 minutes and then add some salt after crushing it. Put this mixture in a thick washcloth and
place it against the affected area. You can also use 2 to 3 raw garlic cloves
daily. It will help to get faster the healing procedure. Number 5
Olive Oil Ear wax catches some bacterial or fungal growth
which is one of the key causes of ear infection. This fungal growth ultimately blocks the Eustachian
tubes. Olive oil can help you to clear this blockage. Slightly warm few tablespoons of olive oil. Put 2 to 3 drops of warm olive oil as ear
dropper into the infected ear. The olive oil will become the reason to soften
the infected ear wax. Remove it with cotton swabs but be cautious
not to put cotton-tipped swabs too far in your ear because it can damage the eardrum. On the other hand, you can also use mustard
oil instead of olive oil. Number 6 Neck exercises
Some neck exercises can relieve the pressure in the ear canal as some ear throbbing are
caused by this pressure. Certain neck rotation exercises are particularly
helpful to relive the pain. Follow this method step by step to perform
neck rotations exercises: • Sit straight up on the ground with flat
feet. • Rotate your head and neck to the right
side slowly until your head parallel with your shoulder. • Rotate your head slowly on the left until
your head parallel with your left shoulder. • Raise your both shoulders high like you
are attempting to protect your ears with your shoulders and make the movement gently. • Count for five after stretching them and
then relax. • Repeat this process if needed especially
during waking hours.


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