How to Find Comfortable Contact Lenses : Bifocal Contact Lens Comfort

Hi, my name is Elton Hall. I’m here at Texas
Ed Optical in Austin, Texas, on behalf of Expert Village, and we are going to be talking
about how to find the most comfortable contact lenses. Now, there are different types of
contact lenses for people who need a bifocal. If you are having problems reading, this is
just a couple of them. This is a pure vision multifocal made by Bausch and Lomb, this is
also a soft lens multi focal made by Bausch and Lomb. They have quite a few different
types of contact lenses. But, this is where they have the correction in here for distance
and for reading. Now, depending on what the doctor says, you’ll want to consult a doctor.
But, depending on the doctor, they also have other contact lenses that you can use that
are called mono-vision contact lenses that you would use one for distance and one for
near. Your brain has to kind of get used to it a little bit and everything like that,
but that also can work for bifocal wearers. So, if you didn’t think you could wear it,
you can. But, these are just a couple of them that they have and they are multi-vision contact
lenses for bifocal wearers.


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