How to Fix Red Eyes in Photos With a Mouse Click

Does the red eye effect happen in your portraits every now and then? You might be a fan of taking flash pictures. It’s no problem anymore – you can remove
red eyes with a couple of mouse clicks! In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to
do it in PhotoWorks. Open the photo to work on and type the tool name in the search field. Or move to the Retouch tab and select the
Red Eye Removal option. To get better access to the eyes, drag the
image around – press and hold the Space key and the left button of your mouse. Set the brush size, it should be a little
larger than the pupil. Then, click in the center of each pupil to
remove the red eye effect. To save the result, click Apply. To compare it with the original image, click either the View source button or the Before/After option. In case of a mistake, you can cancel all the changes. For instance, you set the wrong brush size
– just click Reset All and start editing again. Download PhotoWorks and make your photos perfect right now!

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