How To Get An Ear Infection | 4 EAR-Resistible Ways!

Hello boys and girls. In this video, I’m gonna be telling you how
to get an ear infection, because winter, well, it just doesn’t suck enough already. Let’s eff-up your ears too. I mean it’s not like you listen to anyone
anyways. So what do you need your ears for? Queries of the Interweb. What’s going on? Joel here and I amusingly answer questions
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hit the notification bell so that you don’t miss anything. So let’s talk about how to get an ear infection
on purpose, like what normal people do. There’s nothing normal about you if you’re
watching this video. The first thing you’re gonna want to do is
you are going to want to be around sick people. If there’s sick people in your school, sick
people in your house, go near them, okay. If you have a friend who has a cold, get him
to cough in your ear. It might be a little bit of a weird favor
to ask but if they’re really your friend, they’ll do it and they won’t…they, they
won’t question it. They’ll just do it. I did make a video on how to give yourself
a cold. There’ll be links to that below. It’s probably a suggested video here too if
I’ve uh, if I’ve gotten a hold of Youtube’s next-up algorithms, huh. You know the videos that show up on the side
that show related videos of what you should watch next. I, have a feeling that I figured that out
now. Having a cold as well, also makes you very
susceptible to getting an ear infection. So give yourself a cold, be around a cold. Another way to get an ear infection is to
not clean your ears after swimming okay. If you go swimming in the ocean, or swimming
in a pool… you know frick’n Charlie peed in the pool. Don’t wash your ears afterwords. Don’t clean your ears. Just let the water soak in there. That ear is as good as infected. You go swimming with Charlie and you might
as well have a first responders team nearby. God knows all the crap that’s in the ocean. You know how they tell you to clean behind
your ears? You’re not gonna do that. Don’t clean behind your ears. Leave your ears alone okay. Let them be free spirits, all right. Your ears are just freelance workers in a
job market. They’re not really looking to climb the corporate
ladder. They just kind of want to do their own thing. Essentially they’re unemployed but because
they technically work for themselves, they still have a little bit of dignity. Leave your ears alone. Do not clean those things, your ear lobes. Leave em’ alone. You have any smokers in the family? Because another way to give yourself an ear
infection is to be around second hand smoke. Obviously second hand smoke is dangerous for
you, it’s bad for you but you know, here’s an idea. If you uh, hold you breath and go you know,
move your head around in some smoke and, and move out of it, just so your ears get exposure,
that’s a good way to give yourself an ear infection. Or if you have a really creepy old aunt who
smokes those long one hundred and one Dalmatian cigarettes, you could get them to shove that
in your ear or just blow… get someone with a hookah to just like… like right into your
ear. Hookah smoke… hookah, hookah. Another way to give yourself a ear infection
on purpose is to touch your face a lot. You know sir-laughs-a-lot? I don’t… I don’t know who that is. But you’re gonna become sir-touches-his-face-a-lot. Something to do with the germs on your face
and then they go into your nose and then you just start getting sick and then you’re ear
gets infected and then your eustachian tubes clog up. And that’s okay. Nobody’s gonna judge you. Just touch your face some more okay. Shove your finger in your ear. Get your friend Charlie to give you a wet
willy all right, a wet willy. You guys have any other great suggestions
for videos, go ahead and leave it in the comments. I’ll see you in the next video. Peace!

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