How To Get Earwax Out Of Your Ear At Home – Very Easy Way To Get Rid Of Ear Blockage

how to get earwax out of your ear at home, earwax is a common and natural cause of
clogged ears ear infections swimmers ear and many other things there are
different ways of unclogging a clogged ear but it depends on what part of the
ear is clogged outer middle or inner in this video I am going to show how to get
rid of ear blockage before I start please subscribe to more videos 1 make
sure you don’t have an infection if you suspect that you have an ear infection
do not attempt the following method to unclog your ear if you have any of the
following symptoms call a doctor immediately persistent and severe pain
in your ears lasting more than a few hours fever vomiting or diarrhea yellow
or green drainage from the ear to mix a wax softening solution you can purchase
a solution at the drugstore to soften ear wax or you can make your own at home
the upside to mixing it yourself is that you probably already have the
ingredients you need combine warm water with one of the following a few drops of
baby or mineral oil a few drops of glycerin hydrogen peroxide 3% no
stronger or this can cause damage 3 keep the solution lukewarm putting water
that’s too hot or cold in your ear can cause dizziness or vertigo dip your
clean finger into the water if you don’t notice a huge temperature difference in
either direction the solution is perfect allow a solution that’s too warm to cool
for a minute or two before pouring it”how to get earwax out of your ear at home ” into your ear if your solution has
cooled too much warm it up by adding a little bit of hot water or by putting it
in the microwave for 10 to 15 seconds for lie down on your side unless gravity
is helped by lying so that the ear you want to drain is facing the ceiling put
a towel beneath your head to catch any excess solution that spills out of your
ear this position is easier if you have someone to help you pour the solution
into your ear if you can’t lie down tilt your head to the side as much as you can
you should get nearly the same effect 5 straighten your ear canal this will make
it easier for the solution to get into your ear grab the outer edge of your ear
by the lobe then pull it gently outward your earlobe should be perpendicular to
your neck 6 pour the solution into your ear canal you can use a glass measuring
cup a plastic syringe or a rubber bulb syringe to put the solution into your
ear or just pour directly from the bowl if you do use a syringe be careful that
you don’t put the end of it deep into your ear holding it above your ear canal
without inserting it should be fine be prepared for a little spillage if you’re
pouring from the bowl especially if you’re trying to do it while lying down
or ask someone to pour it for you seven remain lying down for 10 to 15
minutes this gives the solution time to break up
the wax if you used peroxide don’t be alarmed if you hear it bubbling in your
ear when the bubbling stops you’re ready to drain eight drain your ear place an
empty bowl beneath your ear and turn your head so that the canal drains into
the bowl to drain completely pull your earlobe to straighten your ear canal as
in step four nine irrigate again optional if your ear still feels blocked
repeat the irrigation process 10 dry your ear
gently drying your ear once the wax out cleans up any excess solution or wax you
can do it a few different ways use soft light Pat’s with a cloth or paper towel
put a handheld blow dryer on low heat and low power and hold the barrel a few
inches away from your ear put a few drops of alcohol into your ear it’ll dry
the skin as it evaporates 11 seek a “how to get earwax out of your ear at home ” doctor’s help if your earwax is so
impacted that you can’t drain it by yourself call a doctor and evaluate your
options your general practitioner can prescribe ear drops that should break up
the wax use them with care though overdo it and you’ll damage your eardrum “How To Get Earwax Out Of Your Ear At Home – Very Easy Way To Get Rid Of Ear Blockage”

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