How to Get Rid Of a Painful Earache Treatment and Home Remedies

How to Get Rid Of a Painful Earache: Treatment
and Home Remedies Anyone who has had an earache knows how painful
it can be. Child, adolescent or adult, an earache hurts and the pain is sometimes unbearable.
Although anyone can have an earache, it is more common in children than in adolescents
or adults. Children are simply exposed to more germs
and infections and they are also developing their immune system. The pain in the ear can come in many different
ways. It can, for example, be a constant dull pain, or it can be more than one heartbeat.
The pain can also be very penetrating and can be a symptom of an underlying condition. Olive oil The use of olive oil for earaches is a popular
remedy. There is no solid scientific evidence to show that drops of olive oil in the ear
canal can soothe the earache. But putting a few heated drops of olive oil
in the ear is safe and could be moderately effective, according to AAP. It is still a
good idea to discuss this method with your doctor first, especially for children. Make sure the olive oil is not warmer than
the temperature of your body using a thermometer. This will help you avoid burning the eardrum. Garlic Garlic has been used for a long time in folk
medicine to relieve pain. Some research suggests that it has antimicrobial properties that
can fight infections. People should not use it as a substitute for
antibiotics recommended by a doctor. Instead, consider adding garlic to an antibiotic regimen
to accelerate relief. To prevent ear infections, try eating a clove
of garlic every day. Garlic drops in the ears can also reduce pain
and prevent an infection from getting worse. Cook two or three cloves in two tablespoons
of mustard oil or sesame seeds until golden brown, then strain the mixture. Then, apply
a drop or two in each ear. Onion Onion is one of the most powerful foods in
nature that is used to fight infections and protect harmful bacteria. It also helps reduce
the inflammation that sometimes occurs when there is pain in the ear. To use onions to treat an earache, make a
paste of chopped onion and water and apply it to the outer region of the ear. This will
offer serious relief. Tea tree oil Tea tree oil has powerful antifungal, antiseptic,
anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. These can be applied as ear drops to reduce
pain and discomfort. If you are concerned about sensitivity, you
can mix a few drops of tea tree oil with a small amount of olive oil. Cold A cold compress can help with the pain of
an earache. Try wrapping ice in paper towels or freezing
a cold pack and then cover it with a soft cloth. Hold this in the ear and the area immediately
below the ear for 20 minutes. The cold should not hurt, and parents should
never apply ice directly to their children’s skin. Some people find that heat offers greater
relief than cold. For others, alternating hot and cold packs (20 hot minutes, followed
by 20 cool minutes) provides the best pain relief.

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