how to get rid of a stuffy nose – how to unclog your nose instantly

Russian doctors developed a simple breathing
exercise. It will clear your stuffy nose and help you
get rid of nasal congestion in a minute, but make sure you follow the instructions correctly. 1. Pinch your nose and walk fast. Keep your nose pinched and your mouth closed. You should make about 20-30 steps. 2. While you walk, hold your breath until you
get a strong urge to breathe. Sit down, and keep your spine straight. Focus on the breath. 3. Release your nose, resuming your usual breathing,
and remember, no deep breaths, and keep your mouth closed. Instead of big inhalations, take small breaths
and relax the exhalation muscles, particularly your upper chest and other respiratory muscles. 4. Take another, and again, smaller inhale, then
relax. With each inhalation practice the shallow
breathing and remain relaxed. 5. The purpose is to maintain the air hunger
for 2-3 minutes and keep your muscles relaxed. You can frequently breathe during this shallow
breathing, but there is no problem. You may find this exercise too simple, but
it really works. Once you clear your nose, remember to breathe
through the nose, and not through your mouth.

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