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– [Dr. Mike] Sunflower Bae. So if you didn’t know
already, we’re married. And I just want to know
how many kids we’re having. (jaunty, cheerful music) ♪ Cha, cha, cha ♪ ♪ Cha, cha, cha ♪ Sunflower, I think it
would take me meeting you in order for us to be married
and having kids, right? I don’t think we’ve met yet. (gasp) (laughs) Hey guys, I’m back at it this week reading and responding
to your YouTube comments. “So this must be a very stupid question. How often does a person
need to change undies?” Mico, I would do it daily. Fungi love warm…
wet…dark environments. When you re-wear the same underwear, that fungus can start growing on your skin and you will get a condition
known as jock itch. Or, some women can get a yeast infection. So, Mico, change up that
underwear daily, please? “Hey, Dr. Mike.” Hey, Ruthie. “Apparently pollen season started already. I think a spring allergy
video slash pollen video would be awesome. Since that is something
I’ve been suffering for for about six years.” It’s a little bit of a complex answer. For those patients of mine
who have springtime allergies, there’s definitely something to be said about taking a daily
controller medication. There are websites you can
visit to see pollen counts, like the daily pollen
forecast for that day. There are days when the
pollen count is so high that a person like you
should not be outdoors, or should at least strictly
limit the time spent outdoors. Perhaps getting a filter for your home that is certified to
remove pollen from the air would be ideal. “Would you wear a shirt with
a few buttons left undone when you (laughing)
publish your next video? I think you would get more views.” Well Shawn, I appreciate the compliment. Yeah, uh, I would do that. I have no problem wearing a shirt with a couple buttons undone. I don’t know how low you want me to go, like those old school Russian gangsters. When I grew up–I’m
Russian–I used to hang out at Brighton Beach, and the
guys would have their shirts down to here, and I’d be
like what is going on? (fabric ripping) (gasp) – [Dr. Mike] “What’s the maximum frequency that one should eat fish in a week?” That’s a great question, Omar. Are you eating wild
fish versus farmed fish? Are you eating smaller
fish like tuna or salmon? Or are you eating large
fish like swordfish? Larger fish, predator type of fish generally have higher levels of mercury. I do think it’s relatively safe to do like three or four times a week
eating a tuna or salmon. Peachy Montoya. What a name. I don’t know if that’s your name or your username, but it’s awesome. I love peaches, by the way. That’s why I’m obsessed
with Peach Snapple. (shushes)
(whispering) A lot of sugar. “Dr. Mike, how long will it take for large stretch marks to fade away?” Stretch marks, once they’re
there, they’re there. And while there are some laser procedures and surgical procedures
that can get rid of them, it’s very difficult, near impossible, to get rid of stretch marks
because it is scar tissue. It’s basically damage that’s
happened to your skin. How do stretch marks happen? Well, your skin is naturally
somewhat elastic, right? If I pull on my skin
here it just doesn’t tear and rip and bleed, right? But, if your body size changes rapidly, you gain muscle too
quickly, you are pregnant, you put on a lot of weight because you’ve been eating poorly, any one of those drastic changes where the skin has to
adapt rather quickly, you’re gonna get some damage there. When you have damage, you get scar tissue. “Hey Dr. Mike, is it true alkaline water better than regular water?” Diana, I have never seen this to be true. I understand why some
people are promoting it, and I think it’s based on flawed science, or at least incomplete science. What you put in your body,
whether it’s alkaline or acidic, it doesn’t change the
acidity of your blood. That’s not how it works. “I was wondering if you would have become something other than a doctor, what would it have been?” Maggie, I would have been a detective. I love investigating, and
putting pieces together, and seeing little things that other people don’t see–little details,
like Sherlock Holmes style. And I think being a doctor is very similar to being a detective, so. Lauren Garcia. “Does muscle really weigh more than fat?” Well, that’s like the
typical trick question that people ask. What weighs more: a pound of feathers, or a pound of gold? They weigh the same. Muscle doesn’t weigh more than fat, and fat doesn’t weigh more than muscle. Now, that being said,
muscle is more dense. So, it would look like less muscle is needed to weigh the same as more fat ’cause fat is less dense. But in reality, one pound of muscle equals one pound of fat. “What do you think of
cranberry supplements? Do they really prevent UTIs?” Well, Andrea, I’ll tell you this: cranberry supplements, the way
that they’re supposed to work is that they’re supposed
to acidify your urine. When you acidify your urine
it makes it less likely, or supposedly makes it less likely that you’ll get an infection, ’cause bacteria don’t like to
live in an acidic environment. That’s the premise behind
taking cranberry supplements. Number one, I don’t like supplements. So I would much rather you just
have (laughing) cranberries or drink cranberry juice. Natural stuff, not the concentrate. The evidence, honestly,
like I’ve looked at it, it’s fairly weak. But again, because we look
at harms versus benefits in these types of situations I think the benefits
probably outweigh the harms. If there’s even a slight chance that cranberries can help your UTI or prevent a UTI, go eat some cranberries. Because, what’s the harm
in eating some cranberries? They’re rich in antioxidants, and if they help prevent UTIs, boom. You’ve got yourself a two in one deal. “Dr. Mike, I think you would look good with (laughing) bleach-blonde hair. This wasn’t a request, it’s a demand.” Chill! Beach-blonde hair… (laughing) I think I’d look
really weird, I don’t know. Maybe if we get this
video to 200,000 likes I’ll dye my hair blonde. (muffled) Oh my god, I probably
shouldn’t have said that. I didn’t commit to that,
there was no handshake… Don’t get your lawyers involved. “Hey Dr. Mike, I have a question. Why is it that I always
get ear infections? I clean my ears every
day, use nasal spray, and sleep on a heating pad each night.” Okay, Emma, you make one
of the biggest mistakes that my patients most often make. Cleaning your ears, I assume, with Q-Tips. Q-Tips, what they actually do, number one, instead of getting earwax out they just end up pushing the earwax back into the ear and clogging it, therefore making it more
susceptible to infection. The second thing they
do–because the Q-Tip, the cotton is slightly rough, and the area within
your ear is very gentle, very sensitive, when you put the Q-Tip in your ear and scratch your ear, it may feel good. But what you’re doing is you’re creating micro-tears, little
irritations in the skin, that basically make it more susceptible for bacteria to get in there
and cause an infection. So, by cleaning your ears
everyday with a Q-Tip you’re actually making it more likely that you’re gonna get an infection. “What are your thoughts
on colon hydrotherapy and coffee enema, and would you recommend these therapies?” Melinda, no I would not. Never, in no way, sense,
or how of the word would I ever recommend a coffee enema or colon hydrotherapy. This is the definition of garbage. Please do not waste your money on it. As you can tell, my vein
is popping out right now. ‘Cause I’m quite angry that these people are taking your money, and misguiding you, and giving you lofty promises. Coffee enemas are B.S. Anyone who tells you that
they’re good for your health is a P.O.S. – [Woman] Just calm down. – [Dr. Mike] Sueda Gunes. I’m sorry if I said that wrong. It’s–I don’t know what
the double dots represent. “I already have black rings under my eyes. How can I get rid of them? People always assume that I’m sick.” So I think this is a great question. If you have a lifestyle where
you’re not sleeping well, where you’re not well-hydrated, if you eat too much salt, all of those things really affect the area underneath our eyes. Because of the bone formation
surrounding our eyes, the skin is very thin. And the way that the light reflects from light that’s generally
above us, in this area, can make it seem darker
than it actually is. Also, because this skin is thinner, you can generally see
more blood vessels there. And blood vessels being veins, and veins are generally a bluish color, how the light reflects off that area can seem darker or blacker
than the rest of your skin. First and foremost,
what I would recommend: make sure you’re getting enough sleep. Make sure you’re eating a healthy diet, not over-eating salt, and
you’re staying well-hydrated. Get your exercise in, because
I say it all the time, exercise is basically a cure-all that helps with almost
every aspect of our lives. Finally, if you’re still
unhappy with your appearance there are some cosmetic things you can do. There are bleaching creams if it’s a–seriously a color issue. There’s also injections that you can put right below the eye here which basically act as a filler. It basically lifts the
skin up off of the bone, and it changes the way the light reflects off of the area. And therefore the area seems
more full, and less dark. “Hey, so I’m a sophomore in high school and I’m super interested
in the medical field. Do you have any recommendations
for classes I should take? Your videos are great.” I don’t think in high school you should specialize your classes to
get you ready for med school, and I’ll explain why. In college, you’re already gonna be forced to take a specific set of courses if you wanna get into medical school. And then once you’re in medical school, obviously there’s a curriculum. So you might as well spend
your time in high school to try and learn as many different topics, very broad categories, so you can figure out
if med school is for you or maybe you’re drawn to
something completely different like politics or something. Even though right now the
political landscape is crazy. But, take a broad diversity of classes, see what you enjoy, see
where your passions lie, and I think that’s what’s gonna make you a great candidate for medical school. Tom. “Do you wanna live in NYC your whole life or move away in the future?
(high-pitched whine)” I don’t know why you added
the (high-pitched whine) in there. (chuckling) I don’t know,
I’m a New York City guy ever since I moved here
when I was six years old. I’ve lived in Brooklyn, Staten Island, Long Island, now in New York City. I love this place, I call
it home, my family’s here. Roxy’s here, Barry’s
here, so I don’t know. I think I’m staying here. If not for my whole life, definitely for the foreseeable future. Good question, Tom. (high-pitched whine) (laughs quietly) I love reading and
responding to your comments. So please continue filling
up the comments section. As you know, I answer them
within the comment section. I’m very active there. And I also do this monthly segment where I read and respond to your comments. Please subscribe to the channel, ’cause it tells YouTube that
you really enjoy my content and that you want more of it. As always, stay happy and healthy. (jaunty, cheerful music)
♪ Cha, cha, cha ♪ ♪ Cha-ch, cha-ch, ♪ ♪ Cha-ch, cha-ch ♪ ♪ Cha-ch, cha-ch ♪ ♪ Cha, cha, cha ♪


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