How to Get Rid of Twitching Problems & Neck Pain Relief with a Chiropractor | Align Wellness Center

– So, this is, I believe
the third session. So far, the changes that
I’ve seen have been, I had a twitching problem with my
fingers on the left hand, that twitching has gone away. My head issues, when I would
get dressed in the morning my t-shirt would not lay
straight across my neck, it would be up on one side, that’s been corrected. I worked out yesterday, it
seemed to me like I had a lot more endurance than I’ve had
in the past, I’ve had some issues with shortness of
breath, that seems to have been improved, I’ll know better
after a few more workouts. So, I’m pretty impressed
with all the things that a straightened spine can address. The twitching of the eyelids,
I had developed some twitching of my eyelids, that has been corrected. – [Interviewer] What might you
say to someone who is curious to see if chiropractic may be
able to help with something they never thought of? – Well, I was a medic in
the military for 8 years. I’m kinda disappointed in
western medicine’s ability. They do a great job on trauma,
they don’t do a very good job on wellness, so I’ve always
looked for alternative ways of solving some of these
nagging issues that you don’t bother going to the doctor with
because it seems so futile. So I look at what I eat, various
food, I have read several books that address things like
the meridians in the body, the reasons why, maybe, you
should not have a root canal, because of the relationship
between root canals on some of your teeth and gallbladder
failure afterwards, things along those lines. And the body is an electrical
device, it’s connected with connective tissues, it
carries an electron, the voltage through the body, but then
you’ve also got all the nerves and nervous system, also,
which control the heart, all the endocrine glands,
everything in the body. If those nerves are pinched
or not functioning properly because of a twisted spine or
whatever, it seemed reasonable to me that a chiropractor
could solve some issues that western medicine doesn’t
seem to be able to fix. – [Interviewer] Thank you,
and is it okay to share this with people all over the world? – You bet, yep. – [Interviewer] Thank you (light music)

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