How To Get The Perfect Red Lip Look with Florence Rose | GLAMOUR UK

Hi I’m Florence Rose, I’m a makeup artist
and a model. If you want to find out how to create the perfect red lip then keep on watching. To create the perfect red lip, I’m first taking It Cosmetics lip
liner in shades It Girl which is a perfect true red. I am lining the outline
of my lips starting with the top lip and going on to the bottom. I blend this out
slightly as you don’t want aharsh red line. I really like this product as it’s
very creamy and makes it much easier to apply to the lip than other products which
can be quite dry. So once I’ve lined my lips I’m now taking Fenty Beauty’s
Stunna Lip Paint in shade Uncensored. This is a perfect true red as well and I
like to apply this with the brush that it comes with as it’s perfect to apply with.
It’s very creamy and this is a great product as it’s very cool toned
and a proper true red which goes nicely with my fair skin tone and with my pink
hair, for me especially with my dry skin. For more videos like this subscribe to
GLAMOUR UK’s YouTube channel.


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