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how to cure eye disease caused by fungi in chicks parrots hens pigeons or any bird effectively and physically homemade this disease the which can be treated starts as a mild fever caused by virus to the bird sometimes from the flu by another common virus after its defenses are compromised the disease takes advantage over the animal and begin to grow anywhere of your eye or eyelids a kind of fungus that looks like a whitish layer very thin that limits the bird’s vision and this layer that has its epicenter where the fungus sat and infects all the eyeball and surroundings the first stages of the disease and see us usually has discomfort but once the fungus is multiplied and distribute throughout the eye the animal shows a very deterioration remarkable of your health the fungus will begin to grow and the bird’s eye will be noticed inflamed due to fluid discs product of the infection and one or several accesses attached to your eyeball that’s why vital to the bird’s life that both that and any other disease be immediately treated without delay since they are small animals and every hour the disease takes advantage about them and not being treated the fungus continues to feed on the bird producing in it infection symptoms like fever diarrhea and other infections symptomatic product of bacteria virus since they act simultaneously with whatever mushroom his eye was disease has a high margin of bird death so a minority manages to survive without treatment considering that it is chicken Creoles when one is detected with any of the symptoms described are due get in a veterinary clinic preventive and care medication general bird to protect that are not yet sick and place in quarantine to those who infected if it is a chicken young age who is still raised by his chicken in the case of Creole chickens and not chickens incubator the chick must be removed from others together with the chicken and his brothers because otherwise get sick and even more and they would die very soon and will not recover even if it is treated in the first instance to protect the birds from this disease is advisable to do visual review of each chicken and perform intervention if necessary before that a disease is complicated to achieve a good inspection in birds the anatomy should be taken into account and physiology of an animal in its different stages according to the bird class once determined that this is disease or a side effect of another we must proceed to what is the intervention to remove the fungus from bird and in turn supply vitamins fungicidal and bactericidal nutrients and bird antivirals once this is done keep in mind that no general care medication from birds can heal a specimen already sick the materials to use for perform the procedure to heal the bird are the following alcohol chlorine fine wire fine clamp with enamel insulation for winding napkins brush and lemon salt garlic bicarbonate iodine tincture sterilized water insulating gloves for clinical use toothpick dropper masks lenses for clinical use or equivalent and a dryer also if the person who will do the intervention has a visual deficit you must use a magnifying glass to see the detail when the operational then make sure everyone the artifacts to use are properly sterilized to performing the process is minimal two people one person must immobilize the bird while the other must perform physical removal of the fungus before the animal must be fine fed to avoid saddening what even more must be taken into account that everything the process must be carried out with water sterilized and that each piece of napkin must be discarded immediately after use the process must be performed at night when the animal gets ready to sleep the people involved should place their clinical gloves cover your eyes with glasses and his mouth and nose with a mask this is to avoid virus transmission by contact of animal to them and from them to the animal with the sterilized water wash the peak feet and eyes of the animal rubbing with the napkin taking great care not soak your head and beak excessively because it could suffocate if it leaks water through your nostrils eyes and throat should be very careful already that are very delicate to these circumstances when washing your nostrils peak and eyes the napkin must be only one little damp if the eye is closed for infection should be repeated the procedure until it is achieved open immediately scrub your damaged eye with a piece of napkin until cleaned as much later as possible with the wire enameled make a kind of hook as shown in the picture and then introduce above the eye while a person keeps you open and press lightly and scrub with oscillatory movement within the eyelid of the bird’s eye to remove and remove the fungus so that the viscous and mucous layer abscess removal with enameled wire helped by a toothpick tip rounded once this is achieved and immediately wash with a napkin wet scrubbing the eyeball without soak the animal now very carefully and skillfully using the fine clamp you must remove the center of the root of the fungus is due be very careful not to damage the globe eyepiece of the animal once it find the clip held on abscess alarcón lightness this is due repeat until you leave nothing at the root of the fungus in the bird’s eye is possible make it a bit too insignificant but do not continue with the procedure if it is estimated likely to damage the eyeball once achieved this take a damp napkin and clean the eyeball after this take a little of lemon juice and with a dropper supply a drop in both eyes and leave on for 7 seconds and remove with a napkin moistened by complete the lemon juice of both eyes this would damage a significant group of bacteria and fungi virus then crush a clove of garlic and dissolve in 5 milliliters of water and with the dropper apply on both eyes and leave act for 10 seconds this would damage another large group of fungi then wash with a napkin moistened then dissolve half tablespoon of salt and half tablespoon of bicarbonate in 30 ml of water sterilized and with a dropper supply in both eyes and leave for 7 seconds and remove with a flannel moistened this would change the temporary ph of eye fluids and at the same time will perform a physical dilation general and immediately stir with a moistened napkin until not leaving nothing then with a dropper supply a drop of iodine paint in the eye affected and leave on for 5 seconds and remove immediately with a moistened napkin until it remains nothing after making sure that both animal eyes are completely clean with a damp napkin with alcohol clean beak eyes and feet of bird until completely clean before sending the animal to rest make sure it is very dry and warm with a hair dryer and napkins this process because it try to fight an infectious fungus it must be repeated three days in a row and the fourth guide do not perform the process while on the fifth day perform the cleaning again and removal if is necessary is of vital importance observe if you will need to repeat all the procedure or only partially until the bird is completely healed normally the fungus will disappear in three days if the fungus was already very advanced the bird will lose its eye but yes the disease was treated in their first days the bird will remain completely healthy with both eyes functional once the process is finished if it’s a chick it must be returned to his mother in the case of being a adult chicken should be placed in a right place so you can not sleep too wet cold or hot in a clean and quarantine chicken coop fumigated the name of the disease and the cause varies depending on the source but the truth is that veterinary medicine as for the birds because of being a source of income for farms and be This is the only sector willing to spend some money to cure a bird the investigations are limited to just preventive and non-palliative medicine or curative for chickens this is because a healing medication needs more expenses for scientific research by what the resulting product is from higher cost accordingly the person who sees chickens as a source of income opt for the animal sacrifice instead of strive to heal it by spending a little of capital saná a few chickens this will make a value and will opt for a preventive method to healthy birds consisting of vitamins fungicidal nutrients and bacteria between others to prevent disease at healthy chickens regardless of the life of those who are sick sacrificing what [Applause] [Music]

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