How to help your dog with skin issues

Hi everyone, welcome to Pet Circle If you’re a dog owner who’s pup suffer from
itchy skin issues, you aren’t alone. Skin problems are one of the most common issues
that dogs go to the vet for. After a check from your vet, there are many
things we can do at home to help your dog’s skin. The first thing we can do is make sure flea
prevention is up to date. This is the first thing your vet will ask
about anyway. Great flea and tick products include Bravecto,
Simparica, Seresto, and Nexgard. The second thing to do, is think about diet. Your vet may prescribe you a hydrolysed diet
with low allergens such as Hill’s Prescription Diet z/d or Royal Canin Anallergenic. But vet diets aside, many people find that
a change to a grain-free or seafood-based diet can help a great deal. This is often because it’s very rare for a
dog to be allergic to fish but it’s also because fish contains a lot
of omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, which directly help to support the skin. Excellent grain-free seafood-based diets are
available from Ivory Coat Meals for Mutts Artemis Earthborn Holistic and Nutra Gold. The third thing we can think about are supplements. Supplements containing those omega 3 and 6
fatty acids are hugely beneficial for the skin. The final thing we can look at is grooming
and shampoos. Brushing your dog’s fur helps keep knots and
matts out. Petlife make many combs that are double-sided
which is handy for multi-purposes. Sensitive skin shampoo is a must for itchy
dogs, but be careful not to bathe more than once a week unless advised by your vet. Conditioner is great as it can double as a
moisturiser and be applied to dry or wet fur daily. Some great brands that make sensitive skin
shampoo and conditioner are Aloveen Ivory Coat and PAW Blackmores. Hopefully with all this in mind, you can help
make your pooch feel better in their own skin. Thanks for watching! If you have any further
questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly customer service team.

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