How to Improve Your Eyesight Without Glasses: Get Better Vision Naturally

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latest updates if you’re looking for how to improve your eyesight and get clearer
better vision but don’t want to use glasses and contact lenses or surgery so
here’s some ways to improve your eyesight
you can try few tips and foods that might help eyesight problems are quickly
becoming a common disease in these days and age with an exponential increase in
the number of hours we spend in front of a screen like cell phone computer and TV
also children are spending more time in front of TV or computer games straining
their eyes for no reason I problems such as glaucoma cataracts and macular
degeneration are all affected by our diet you can follow these tips and foods
that might help before knowing how you can improve eyesight naturally here’s
what you need to do first get more quality sleep reduce eye strain set up
your workspace correctly improve your diet food plays an important role in our
health lots of the people to take get insufficient amount of micronutrients
because everyone focuses on macronutrients that’s the first start of
the problem micronutrients are the main body’s tools to defend itself here’s are
some foods that help to effectively improving eyesight number one spinach spinach is rich in
not only vitamins a b c e and minerals such as iron and zinc but also in lutein
and zeaxanthin the chemical components that help keep the eyes healthy spinach
also helps to keep the corneas healthy and give natural clear vision eating
spinach on a daily basis can prevent disorders like cataract and macular
degeneration many peoples despise the way spinach smells or tastes but you can
easily get past the smell by adding a zing to spinach you can also use raw
spinach to your fruit smoothies or use parsley and spinach to make a green
smoothie and consume it daily you can make a spinach soup or cook it with
pulses sandwiches and lasagnas containing fresh spinach tastes heavenly
so why not add a twist to spinach and include it in your diet for a sharper
better vision number two eat vitamin rich foods include foods rich in vitamin
A into your daily diet it’s really helpful for eyesight improvement foods
like green leafy vegetables oranges carrots or almonds cashews and peanuts
are packed with this essential vitamins gives you better eyesight number three
carrots recent nutrition research has proved that vitamins in the vegetable
really do improve night vision eat one carrot a day or helping of sweet potato
butternut squash or pumpkin also you can cooking them with a little olive oil
studies have found this helps break down the vegetables thick cell walls and
makes it easier for the body to absorb the nutrients number four dark berries
berries help strengthen the capillaries that deliver blood and nutrients to the
eye dark berries such as blackberries and Bill berries are rich in
anthocyanins which prevent and slow blindness caused by cataracts and
macular degeneration you can add it to a fruit smoothie in the mornings or
sprinkle a handful your breakfast cereal daily number five
garlic garlic helps to protect the lens of the eye and can help protect against
eye disease as you age it also contributes to lower cholesterol a
healthier immune system and increased blood flow
garlic really is a superfood to improve your eyesight number six use semi
vitamins and vitamin supplement for eye health minerals and vitamins make the
body work they are the essential building blocks of healthy eyes a
quality vitamin supplement be positive for your eyesight because it can boost
your overall health but an eye vitamin alone won’t improve eyesight many
people’s with problems lack essential nutrients but to improve eyesight its
insufficient to rely on eye vitamins so you need to use vitamin supplement with
our vitamins it will improve you eye vision now that you have learned natural
ways to improving eyesight at home I hope you find this video helpful if yes
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