How to Install the Red Eye Termite Station

Termites can be very expensive to eliminate and if they enter your home can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs That’s why I want to introduce you to the red-eyed termite station the redeye termite station is a low cost Effective way of killing and monitoring termites around your home or structure today. We’re going to go through the process of installation We’ve identified this property to have Subterranean termites. We’re going to use that red.i termite station to help control and monitor activity around this home When installing the red eye termite station you want to place them about eight to ten feet apart back away from the drip edge We also want to concentrate on those areas that are very conducive To termite activity such as those areas that hold lots of moisture Maybe around an Ac unit of water hydrant or even a window unit like this when this window unit runs It actually drips water and keeps this area here moist So this would be an area that’s very conducive to termite activity So I’m going to go get my auger bit put it my drill and I’m going to start drilling my holes and do the installation when drilling your hole make sure you drill to the correct depth to accept the body of the station so that the Dome will fit flush to the ground Once you’ve completed this process the hard part’s over with now All you have to do is inspect the red eye in the clear view window on top of the dome so when the red eye Disappears now we know we have termite activity So we’re going to grab our can of fitpro aerosol and we’re going to open up the port on top of the dome Insert the straw and inject our foam the fitpro aerosol has an expansion ratio of Foam of 30 to 1 that means that it will fill every void inside that station really fast and also The more you foam it actually travels through the tubes that actually lead up to the station itself Therefore giving you a direct kill on your Subterranean termites in Addition to the red eye termite station, you may also consider a conventional Trench method around your home Check out our videos for more in-depth information on ifit pro and redeye termite station is a winning combination Also, how redeye termite station compares to others in the industry I’m sifu coy with solutions festoon Lost asks his house. Then do it yourself

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