How to Look Like Asian Phoenix Almond Eyes/Makeup Tutorial Inspired By Liu Yifei (Crystal Liu)

hey guys, todays video im going to show this eye makeup to look like the Chinese actress Liu yifei/ Crystal liu her eyes mixed both phenix and almond eyes features, very attractive thats my finished look thats the look before makeup so I will use eyeliner, eyeshadow and eyelid tape to lift the  outercorner of  my eyes lets start I will use Maybelline liquid mousse foundation which has the airbrush finish look. I dont like to use really thick foundation to make skin overloaded. too much coverage does make skin age fast hen I will use IPSA concealer to conceal my dark circle and the edge of my nose I have been using this concealer for years, use liquid eye primer, they are easier to apply than cream eye primer, pat setting powders. thats the foundation routine. mix these two colours from my netural palette for my highlighting forehead, under eyes, chin and nose to  make these areas standout. this colour from the same palette as my transition colour use a large fluffy brush to apply to the top lid make sure the colour is even use a small brush to apply on the lower lash line. create depth for this area to make the eye bigger and almond shape then use this darker colour to add more depth, blend it close to lashline, connect with the transition colour. use a small brush to blend on the outconer of lower lash line to build layers. blend the harsh lines. use dark brown cream eyeliner to fill the lash line, just very thin and natural eyeliner. just draw a short wing first, I will finish the wing with eyeshadow later, then fill inner corner of lash line fill 1/3 of lower lashline connect with top lash line then use this colour to lift the outer corner of top eyelid by adding the depth, and blend the lower lash eyeliner with angle brush. use the same brush to draw a longer wing with a soft end. so the eye has an outspread sense still use these two colours to highlight the inner corner of lower lash line thats the first layer of false eyelashes second layer is a pair of short and natural eyelashes. then use eyelid tape on the outer corner of my eye to lift the fold. press it on skin to make it less visible. then a bit mascara for lower lashes. use dark brown eye brow fill my own eyebrow this shade is quite close to my.natural eyebrow colour. many actresses including liu yifei and many Korean stars just wear very simple eyebrow makeup so they look young and natural then mix these two light shades of eyebrow powder to contour my nose then mix these two colours from blusher palette to apply on the cheek bone area then use rose colour lipstick this colour is quite soft to match with the eyes makeup. so finished this makeup look shows Asian girls young, natural,gentle features with attractive phoenix almond eyes hope you like it thank you so much for watching, I will see you next time:)


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