How to Make a Red Eye (Red Beer)

today I will show you how to make a tomato
beer it also called a red beer or red eye and it’s very simple to make all of the ingredients
are out there on the counter as you can see so let’s get started now the first thing you
want to do is you want to use a can of beer or twelve ounces I only have bottles of beer
so we are using Labatt’s Blue and you don’t want to use an expensive beer because we are
mixing it with tomato juice so that be kind of like a waste
I’ll pour the beer in the mug first and the next ingredient is tomato juice and that’s
two ounces of tomato juice again if you want to make a bigger drink you could just double
the recipe so now we’ll add the two ounces or fifty nine milliliters and the last thing you want to do is add some
salt to taste the tomato juice already has salt so I won’t add that much and the last
thing you’re going to do is stir you don’t want to stir too much as you can see what
is happening here it developed quite a bit of a head so I’ll just let that settle down
for a little bit and then we’ll give it a taste test now we will give it a taste test
it still has a little bit of a head as you can see it actually tastes pretty good the
most prominent flavor you’ll have is the beer the tomato juice is barely detectable and
I could’ve used a little bit less salt but all in all it’s pretty good if you want
to try something different with beer rather than just plain beer and sometimes people
confuse this drink with a Bloody Mary but a Bloody Mary is vodka based and this is beer
based and also a Bloody Mary contains more than two or three ingredients for example
Worcestershire sauce and like a celery garnish so if you give this drink a go leave a comment
below and tell me how you liked it subscribe or visit my YouTube channel

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