How to Make Cannabutter (COCONUT OIL or BUTTER) + TIPS for High Potency

welcome back to another video today we
are going to be making cannabutter so it is cannabis and either you can use
normal butter or you can use coconut oil so right now I’m going to be using
coconut oil I have made the cannabutter with butter before and it works good but
this time I wanted to do a non-dairy butter so coconut oil it is it’s a
pretty simple process we’re going to be using 1 cup of water to 1 part oil so
I’ll be using probably a cup of water and a cup of coconut oil you can
increase that batch amount if you want you could do 2 cups of water and 2
cups so I’m just going to do that then you just add however much cannabis
you want in there for your potency so I’m actually not measuring mine I’m just my
husband grew some in the summertime and we just had some shake in the bottom so
probably an ounce I’m not to sure their for somebody for Christmas
so he’s a pretty big guy so they’re gonna be pretty strong and yeah right now
I’m just decarbing the cannabis in the oven so you want to do that first put it to
240 degrees Fahrenheit and you put that in the oven 30 minutes and you
want to preheat the oven first and then put it in set your timer and every once
in a while just mix it up so everything gets dispersed evenly
and you’re good to go you just take it out of the oven and you use
it in this recipe and why you decarb it is because the CBD and the THC has a carboxyl chemical so
you’re want to decarb that so then it becomes more psychoactive so your CBD and THC is more bioavailable to you that’s why and ya what you’ll
need is a pan and something maybe parchment paper or a non-stick sheet
I’ve got a non-stick baking sheet that I’m using I just really clean it off after
because it’s like a little gummy and you’ll need a grinder we have a specific
one for that and you want to grind it up to like fine you don’t want it to be a
powder but you want it to be finer you’ll need a candy thermometer you’ll
need measuring cups so you’ll have your water a measuring cup and your
dry measuring cup that’s what I put my oil into it’s just easier to measure
and you will need some coconut oil a pillowcase or cheesecloth to strain the
material after and both are reusable I find that the pillowcase is better in my
mind because I find that the cheesecloth you have to sort of wrap it a few times
otherwise the holes are a little big and so debris gets in so if we use a
cotton pillowcase that’s clean then it’s a little bit of a thicker weave a finer
weave I guess and so not a lot of debris getting through and both can be reused
I find that pillowcases obviously hold up a little more so you can cut your
pillowcase down to the size that you need a sauce pan so that’s where your water and your coconut oil will go into it
yeah we’ll get started once the decarbed cannabis comes out of the oven so it’s just
come out of the oven the decarbed cannabis and I’m gonna let it sit on
the counter for probably five minutes and then I will grind it up into a finer
consistency not a powder but somewhere between a bud to something more crumbly right now I’m
going to add the one cup of coconut oil to the saucepan one cup of water we’ll use the candy thermometer
you’ll be above 160 degrees Fahrenheit but you want it to be below 200 so I’m
going to hover mine around 200 if it gets above there I’m just
going to add a little bit of water to moderate the temperature so we’ll use the candy thermometer it’s a very important step to making cannabis butter now it’s time
to add the cannabis once the oil in the water has melted you can see it’s
bubbling a little bit I did have to leave the room for a minute and it
did go to 210 degrees Fahrenheit that’s fine I mean you can
always add more water to moderate the temperature I’m just going to keep it
around there it’s just bubbling right now
because it’s just at the hundred degrees Celsius mark so that’s fine it’s not
going to go over that and so you’ll want to keep it on the lowest possible
setting on your stove I’ll just add the Cannabis in now so you leave it on the stovetop for two
to three hours you do want to keep it below 200 and above 160 degrees
Fahrenheit mine is 210 but because I’m going to turn it down low it’ll probably balance
itself out below 200 so ya you can always add more water into it if your
temperature is getting too hot because in the end you’re just going to strain it
and then you’re going to put it in the fridge and so the coconut oil will go
hard and then you just strain out all the residual water so it won’t really matter
about the water in the end so yeah now you just wait and keep an eye on it to
make sure it doesn’t go over and so it will be 2 to 3 hours on your stove top so it’s been around three hours now
that the cannabis butter has been on the stove so it’s been the under 200
degrees Fahrenheit and I just cut myself up an old cotton pillowcase so I’m going
to be reusing this one and you just find a mason jar with a wide mouth is
sort of ideal or something where you can just put your pillowcase over and then I
have an elastic you can use a rubber band it’s probably better and you just want
to sort of make a little indent in the bottom there and then I’m
just going to turn the burner off and then pour the mixture into the jar and then
we’ll transfer it into I find a bread pan good because then
when the butter hardens it kind of goes into a little brick and is easier to scoop out you can tell it’s gotten quite green and we’ll just put it through the
strainer and now and you’ll let it drain through and
then here is what you’re left with when all the oil has drain to the
bottom we can just squeeze out any residual oil from this pick off the
elastic but you just want to make sure that it’s not going to slump in there so you just
squeeze it and it does a pretty good job the pillowcase does a
pretty good job it’s pretty warm so you definitely want to make sure that it’s
cooled a little bit before you do this because it will burn you so that’s that
you can squeeze it out as much as you’d like and I’m going to just transfer the oil
and the water to this pan here and this will be placed into the fridge for a few
hours until the coconut oil has cooled now this has been sitting in the fridge
for the last few hours and it has gone completely solid and there’s no residual
water really left in there which is nice if there was any water you can just
drain that out and the fat that would be on top anyways and ya
now you can just let it go to room temperature and use it in your baking as
you would butter or coconut oil so either of them are good to use for this
recipe just follow the same steps you use whatever one you want and then ya your good to go and so the recipe I’m using today is a peanut butter cookie
and when I do dose them I just use a tablespoon and I make the cookies each
of tablespoon so you can either dose up or dose down they’re consistent so yeah I
hope you guys enjoyed the recipe and if you like these do-it-yourself videos definitely like it and subscribe below to follow me weekly as I post
do-it-yourself videos random ones every week alright have a good day bye


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