How To Make Your Eye Red | 4 PAINLESS Ways!

Hello Boys and Girls. Did you miss me? Well I thought we’d kick off 2018 with a bang! Giggity. In this video, I’m going to be telling you
how to make your eye red, like you have pinkeye. Or how to make your eyes red like you’re high,
or how to make your eye red like you just motor-boated Tinkerbell, which I guess afterwords,
you could call yourself Pinker-Bell. “Queries of the Interweb.” A couple things I want to say first is I want
to thank you guys for helping me break five-thousand subs which is a pretty significant milestone,
but not really. I also want to thank the following peeps for
giving me the inspiration for this video. You guys will go down in the hall of fame,
maybe, I don’t know. So I’m going to explain 4 ways that you guys
can make your eyes red. It’s very important that you do not touch
your eye balls. Okay we’re not irritating your eye balls directly. Everything I’m showing you should be able
to be done without hurting your eyes. Do not use anything like mace or pepper spray
or like actual pepper. Any strong irritants, stay away from those. I don’t want angry emails from your mom saying,
“My child is blind now because of your video.” I don’t need that, and neither do you. So the first way to make your eye red is to
rub onion directly below your eye ball. Not on your eye ball, not above it, right
here, okay. Take a piece of onion, and rub it right here. This is going to cause constant exposure to
the onion odor. You know how when you cut onions you cry? Here you’re going to be putting the onion
odor directly below your eye so that your eye is getting constant exposure to that odor. That’s going to make your eye turn red. If it gets too discomforting or you’re crying
too much or whatever, go ahead and clean it off. This second way to make your eye red is, to
go swimming without goggles. That chlorine, can eff-up your eye bruh! Most people do this anyway but you’ll notice
that a lot of times when you come out of the swimming pool after swimming for a while,
your eyes are a little blood-shot. Go underwater in the swimming pool and just
keep those eyes open. There’s usually not any serious damage as
a result of this but if you stay under water long enough, your eyes will turn red. A third way you can make your eye red is,
sleep deprivation. You’ll notice that a lot of people who don’t
sleep have blood-red eyes because they’ve just been staring at their computer screen
for eight hours. So when you go to bed, instead of falling
asleep, whip out your i-pad or your i-phone or your i-device… whatever, hell… screen
you have and just watch south park for eight hours or whatever you’re into…keeping up
with the cool… cooliges… or the kar… whatever, the karmeenians, I don’t know. Now this method takes a little longer ’cause
obviously you just have to not sleep for a while, but if you got the time and you don’t
mind hating yourself in the morning, then yeah, go ahead and don’t sleep. This fourth and final way I’ll show you how
to make your eye red without it hurting is dry out your eye. Dry eyes are a recipe for red eyes. How do you dry out your eye? Don’t blink. Go as long as you can without blinking just
like…When it starts to get uncomfortable, you’ll obviously have to blink but if you
keep doing this, your eyes will turn red and Tinkerbell will thank you ’cause now you don’t
have to go to her and she can keep the name Tinkerbell instead of Pinker-Bell. Now you know four ways to make your eyes red. Thank you so much for helping me break five
thousand subs guys. It’s so cool. I’m seeing my channel grow everyday and I’m
only uploading one video every week, every other week. I want to be more consistent guys. If you share my videos, if I’m getting a lot
of viewers and a lot of subs, I’m going to be like yo, I need to upload more frequently
bro. Thanks for those who are still subscribed
since the beginning. Have a fantastic year guys, it’s gonna be
epic! It might be mediocre too and you need to be
prepared for that. Peace!


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