How to Make Your Workspace More Comfortable

How to Make Your Workspace More Comfortable. If you spend a lot of time in your office,
it’s natural you’d want it to be as comfortable as possible. Consider several ways to brighten things up
to sustain your output and energy. You will need Organization Space Decorations
Music Aromas and ergonomic chair (optional). Step 1. Rid your desk and shelves of clutter that
can stress, distract, or overwhelm. Organize to focus better. Step 2. Find visual and lighting elements that make
you feel good and that reflect the mood you want. Use natural light whenever possible to limit
eye strain and elevate your mood. Step 3. Arrange the chair, desk, and computer screen
to avoid neck, wrist, and head pain. Make enough space around the desk to allow
more range of movement. Pick cabinets that won’t require you to strain
to reach the shelves. Consider investing in an ergonomic chair which
can reduce back and neck pain. Step 4. Decorate your desk and walls with family photos,
wall hangings, and attractive plants so that it bears your imprint. Make your workspace comfortably yours. Step 5. Add a CD player if music helps improve your
concentration and productivity, or listen to music through your computer. Step 6. Use scented oils or sprays. Studies have found that lemon and lavender
scents produce the most positive, calming results. Pretty soon, you’ll feel more comfortable
at the office than at home. Did you know An estimated 45 million Americans
work at home at least once a year.


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