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Hi guys, what’s up welcome back to my channel. If this is your first time to my channel. Hello My name is Jkissa, and I love Monsters Inc. How have I not mention this yet Sully is Everything and so is Boo and Mike okay everyone I love everything about Monsters Inc. I’m going to be doing a video surrounding red eye shadows. This is part one of my color series I’m so excited. I’ve been wanting to do this series for a while so basically what we’re gonna be doing is taking each shade of the rainbow red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and we’re going to talk about what shades look good, what shades to pair, how to wear them and all that kind of stuff. If you haven’t seen the video already It’s kind of a prequel to this. I would really recommend checking out my color theory video I will leave it down below or up in the corner. I think it will be here It could be here who knows. Don’t forget to subscribe before we get started because we are gonna be doing a bunch of colors and if you want to see My thought process as I’m creating this look and why I would pair the blush, the highlight, everything with this look then let’s get started Before we jump into the look I thought it might be helpful if we kind of talked about my favorite single Eyeshadows that are red, and then dive deep into why I’m pairing the colors I am with this red look. So I have a few red Shadows picked out here for you I have some shimmer shades By all means you do not have to go out and get these you do not have to use these whatever is comfortable for you That you feel like you work Best with this is simply in terms of recommendations If you are looking for red Shadows and want to explore these are all single shadows I always like to start with a transition shade Which will help other colors blend out better and when I’m looking for a transition shade. I’m looking for something That’s a little bit lighter, but it’s also going to have the same kind of tone It’s going to be in the same kind of color Family. So even though this one is a little bit on the pink side it is going to work with the reds since we do Have those red bases in there. It’s not too much of a deep color where it would affect it So the slightly pink tone is okay And this is sorbet from Makeup Geek. Finding a really really good bright matte red eyeshadow That works really well performs really well is Hard and Sugarpill definitely has it down and throughout this color series you will definitely hear me talk about Sugarpill a lot just because I think there eyeshadow formula is amazing Oh my gosh And this is love plus by them and is a matte red it’s so so pretty. We have a few deepening shades So just some matte shades that can give you depth and dimension so as you can see We have a few of those that will add a little bit extra to the look and really make it cohesive and have the composition Of the look a lot more thought-out and more thorough. This is from the Melt Cosmetics stacks I, well, actually I didn’t. Chris de-potted these with like a drill and I was such an ordeal But this is a love sick from Melt cosmetics They do come in stacks or you can buy them individually if you are interested And that’s just a really nice deepening shade. I have another one from Nabla Cosmetics called Fahrenheit, so it’s a little bit of a lighter It’s a little bit different tonally but I really love both of those. And then the last one I have for you is such a classic. It is bitten by Makeup Geek if You’re wanting to explore Makeup Geek eyeshadows, bitten is such a good shade It was one of the first ones that I ever bought and I keep re-buying it because it’s so good. Three shimmery Eyeshadows for you if you are looking to pack a shimmery eyeshadow on the lid, if you want to put it on the inner corner For a really monochromatic look, or if you are really wanting to do lower lash line work. This one is has a Little bit more of a purple tint to it, but I think it still really works Especially if you are working in those deeper shades, and this is from Nabla Cosmetics called grenadine. This is one of my favorite favorite favorite red eyeshadows And is called a world-eater from Strobe Cosmetics. Then this one is deeper, and it looks a little beat-up This is addiction demon from Strobe Cosmetics. I believe this is part of the American Horror Story collection. Those are just three options and of course those aren’t the only options these are just the three that I use the most when I’m looking to do a Shimmery red on the Lid. If you don’t have a lot of shades on hand you could always grab, I can’t find my matte black Eyeshadow right now. But you could always grab a matte black eyeshadow and a matte white eyeshadow And you could dip in a little bit to the white and mix it in with the red and then with the black eyeshadow you Can mix in the black and create a red so you are getting different Variations. If you are looking for easier ways to go about color mixing that will make sure Everything is very cohesive. Everything is the same tone just deepened or lightened depending on if you want a transition shade Or you want a really deep shade for the outer corner inner corner, whatever you want. That’s a really really good way to do that like a little bit of an eye shadow Hack is a great way to mix your own colors. For the look today I wanted to pair the reds with a really pretty aqua kind of teal. I might not even jump into this shade, but I wanted to include it just in case. So this isn’t going to be the Complementary color. Red across from the color wheel is green but these shades do have a little bit of a green Element to them, so it’s going to be complementary But without being too Christmasy which I find is something that is quite hard to pull off I sliced my finger open on an eyeshadow pan Oh my God It hurts so bad. I find out these are going to be quite complimentary without being too loud and too voitures of course with red eyeshadow With blue it’s going to be very fun and very bright, but I also wanted to include some glitter. I have a really really pretty Iridescent Glitter that has a really nice green Reflect to it so I thought that would look pretty as well. Originally I did a look like this a long long time ago It was inspired by Shrinkle who is the owner of Sugarpill I did that look a long time ago And I wanted to kind of recreate it and revamp it and put my own new twist on it. So these shades we have this one is mochi from Sugarpill. Here We have mermaid which is a prismatic eyeshadow from NYX, and then finally again I don’t even know if I’m going to dive deep into this shade This is Kimchi buy Sugarpill though. I already went ahead and primed my eyes and set it with a matte eyeshadow that is close to my skin tone. You can use concealer If you want as eyeshadow primer, whatever you’re comfortable with. I’m going to start off with a blending brush And I’m just going to use the transition shade. This is a super light transition shade You might not even be able to see it on camera. Just in the inner and outer area I’m going to leave the center portion Open since this does have a red tone to it I don’t want to interfere with the center area because we will be putting blue there. So I’m actually going to mix that transition shade sorbet with love plus from sugarpill Because I don’t have a shade that would really kind of work in between those so I just mixed it to lighten it up a little bit, and I’m going to start with a fluffy brush on the inner portion of The crease so when you are working with really extreme bright eyeshadows my best word of advice is to start in small increments of pigmentation. So just working little by little and then building it up from there because bright eyeshadows Can get really intense really quickly. And you want to make sure that you are blending them to how you like and it’s not getting too carried away So I’m just tapping twice into Sorbet, the light shade, and then once into love plus To create that light shade. I’m going to work on the outer portion of the eye too again leaving the center really open. Smaller blending brush and just love plus now. I took a smaller blending brush So that way I can start to really define the area where I want the red and it’s not just going to kind of Explode everywhere. I can really be precise with the blending and control right in that socket right where I want it. You can see that love plus by itself is really extremely pigmented, And that’s why I thought it’d be a good idea to go in first with that mixture. I’m going to go back in and help to blend out love plus just a little bit with that other brush and I’m going to do the same thing to the outer portion of the eye. And then just helping to blend that out again. So it’s all about kind of going back and forth, blending everything out, building everything up. If you need to take a clean brush with just a little bit of the Transition shade on it just to knock that down a little bit That also helps with blending. So we want to make sure that we’re really focusing it on the lid and the crease Really right in that area. In my mirror I’m tilting my head so I get a flat canvas in here I’m just going to start building that up on the lid just using that same blending brush because We really want it to flow into the blue shade, which is a little bit tricky since they’re not the most Similar colors. So I like to just use a blending brush because it’ll give us a really nice gradient effect So now on the very outer portions, I’m taking a clean brush and lovesick from Melt Cosmetics and I’m just going to start deepening the outer portion of the eye. So right in the very socket of the eye and the lid area and just deepen that up. And it’s okay if we get fall out or we get messy or anything like that Because I believe in cleaning up, It saves you so much. And then if you need to just keep going back and forth and kind of diving into each shade To blend up and blend out and all that good stuff. So we’re just going to work back and forth and keep on deepening and blending it out. So on the center portion I’m going to take a blending brush like this But I’m going to take the flat side and we’re going to start to build up this blue. So I’m going to mix mochi and kimchi. And kimchi was a collab with Kimchi the Drag queen, so that’s why it’s not the typical kimchi color that everyone thinks of. I’m just going to start by patting that mixture on the eye. I’m going to pat it into the crease as well. So you can see we start to have that halo effect of having the center shape very Very bright, and very open and coming into the red. I’m taking the very tip and just working to blend everything. Grab that other brush to knock the red and really center it so they look even on the eyes. Okay, so now I’m going to quickly clean up any fallout with a makeup wipe and I will be right back. I also went ahead and Applied concealer on my lower lash line. So now what I’m going to do is basically mimic the, what we have here. I’m going to add a little bit of shimmery color and some glitter. I’m going to take love plus on a Small blending brush, and I’m just going to work this on the outer portion of the eye. Then because I want it to be a little bit tapered on the inner portion I’m going to take a bit of a smaller brush and with the same color I’m going to just slightly blend that out. In the center. I’m going to take kimchi again, by itself this time, I’m not mixing it. I’m going to pop that right in the center. Just for a base for the shimmery shade we have going on. I’m going to pop a little bit of mermaid, that prismatic eyeshadow, we showed you guys earlier Right on top. to make the Glitter stick I’m going to take the nyx Glitter primer this stuff is so so good Just going to take that and apply a little bit over that blue shade Dotting it on and then for my glitter before it dries I’m going to take the ice glitter from nyx as well Just pick this up on any brush that you want to we’re just going to pat the glitter on then We’re just going to go back and touch up all the remaining spots for my inner corner highlight I’m taking beat back a light Chaser highlighter for face and eye in the shade Rose quartz Flash’s seashell This is going to be a really cool contrast to the blue because it does have a little bit of a pink Undertone to it so it’s going to play off the ribs really nicely and tie in with that But then also bounce off the blues as well on my lower lash line I really wanted to be white and bright to make my eyes appear bigger So I’m going to be taking a milk pencil from nyx for my Mascara today I’m taking my favorite cia and wonder wand I’m going to start by applying to my bottom lashes Just doing a light coat and then on the upper lashes. I’m doing a light coat as well When I’m picking Lashes for a look you totally don’t have to wear lashes if you don’t want to by the way I love to wear false lashes I think it can really add something to a look I will think of what the eye look is What I want to stand out and kind of the eye shadow shape in General, so if I have a super Wings eyeliner I’m going to choose something that is tapered on the inner corner and then very long on the outer corner Just the flatter at that winged Eye shape even more into something like this one is very a rounded shape this will make your eyes appear more rounder I really want to try my best to emphasize that so I have that in mind and then also I want to think what do I want to show off and that is the color combo on the top of the Eye, so insane. I don’t want super super dramatic. I want something that will allow it to show when my eyes are open But not be too crazy and so when I think about that I’m thinking PC defined lashes So I have a few options for you And I’m going to try some that I am thinking about wearing first ones are bambi from a house of lashes these really look similar to Be Mac 35 I think where they are very straight out very defined the longest point is in the center of the eyes So that’s really going to give you the round effect that you are looking for and it’s PC and chunky so you will get? The little areas showing through on the eye. Those are some of my favorite lashes for more artsy and bright looks I think that they really really complement. Those looks nicely my second option is a very defined lash It does flare out a little bit but not too much The inner portion is more tapered and then the outer portion the middle two outer portion is kind of the same length So we’re not getting that super winged out shape But these are right from black Magic lashes which they just change to their name to Rogen rogue Which is cool because I’m going to go on a spiel now They are changing all their lashes leaves to offer mink lashes, but now they are changing everything to fur free and expanding the line So I think that’s really awesome, and these are again some of my favorite lashes for more artsy Look to lashes from our del if you are interested in them. These are the are del natural Demi pixies They have that I put them in the boxer on because I’m lazy when I take off my lashes But these have the super defined points where you’re going to see through the lashes Onto the eyeshadow you’re looking to get something in store You don’t wanna wait around for the house of lashes families these ones are pretty dang similar They are the 603 by ardell there. I’ll show you so they are not as Wispy and or a thick in some areas these are very spiky and those can be a great option as well So I’m going to kind of just sample the lashes lead to lashes. I’m kind of leaning towards are right from Black Magic Lashes and Zambie, so these are black Magic lashes. They don’t have anything on the adhesive On it or anything I’m just going to kind of see what I’m thinking they’re going to look similar to this where it’s Super spiky It’s more dramatic more fun I feel like and you get to really see the colors throughout the spikes then I just wear these last night actually These are Bambi from house of lashes So they look like that. I think these are nice, but they’re not as dramatic and fun as riot for this look So I’m quickly going to go put on riot, and I will be right back while the lashes are drying We can go ahead and move on to the rest of the fakes I wanted to go over the blush color that I thought would look really good with this look I would choose for a neutral and Lee more so towards a cool toned blush, so I have two options for you And you totally don’t have to take these as options you can wear whatever bless you want Whatever you have you wanted to do a really pretty orange that would be nice But I wanted to opt for something on the more neutral sash cool tone side to really balance out the face since the red is kind of the most intense thing you are seen on the face and Also, it will provide a neutral canvas if you wanted to do a really bright highlight You could do that because I have two Suggestions for you the first one is butter blush from Physicians formula in the shade plum Rose It looks like this and the second one is from tarte, and it is in the shade exposed they look very similar So it’s totally up to you. Whatever you want to use for my highlight today I wanted to play off the pink on the inner corner, so I’m going to take a little bit This is a new highlighter It is the one wild makes glow highlighting powder and blossom glow So it has a little bit of a pink tone to it but not too much so it’s going to have a little bit of an underlying Neutral tone of but with a little flash of pink that will play off the inner portion of the eyes really well my lash glue Is still drying please disregard contouring today? I’m taking my very well loved nyx taupe blush I’m just going to start on the outer portion of the face and kind of Stop when I get to the outer portion of the eye because I don’t want to drag the face down I’m going to skip bronzer today Just because I don’t want anything to be overly warm toned when I’m doing a cool tone rush, natural toned blush I’m going to take exposed on a angled blush Blush I’m a said brush. I know I miss a brush I’m just going to pop that on the outer portions of the cheek again I don’t want to drag my face down in any way may not to highlight I wore this shade yesterday, and oh my gosh. I was so in love with it I even wore it on the inner corner. It looked really stunning I’m just going to use circular motions to pop this on top of the cheekbones You could do if you wanted to do like a blue undertone blue duochrome highlighter. That’d be really pretty as well You could really do anything for the highlight. If you wanted to do a green duochrome That’d be pretty been really into highlighting my chin lately. I don’t I don’t know why I feel like it makes my face look more chiseled So I always get asked a lot. What do you what look color? Do you pair with bright eyeshadows and hopefully throughout this series you can kind of see my thought process But if you do want to dedicate a video, let me know I have three lip options for you you could do any finish that you want to if you wanted to do something really glossy or Something very matte. I personally prefer a matte shade, but I do have one kind of Satin finish for you, too The first one I recommend is a super super nude color This is going to really let the eyeshadow stand out and be the center of attention But also, it’s going to just let everything else pop. So this will be a nice canvas for you Oh by the way, sorry this is glazed from dose of colors the other option I wanted to share with you is Outlaw by Kat von D night blue based of red Liquid lipstick, so it’s going to make your teeth appear wider if you watched my color theory video I talked about this briefly, but also because it is the blue based red You’re going to kind of get both of these mixed into one lip it’s going to be bright But it’s going to be cohesive, and it will look cool I think the third one is the color pop and I love said I eat Mamacita Ultra Matte this is going to be a red base to Maroon shade if you Wanted to have some made very dark and let the eyes be bright and light so here’s the finished look you guys I hope you enjoyed this look. I hope you learned something new about how to pair red. Eye shadows This is one of many combos that you could do But it is such a fun look I think let me know what you think down in the comment section below don’t forget to subscribe before you guys leave and I will See you next time bye


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