How to put drops or ointment in a dog’s ear

First we’ve got to shake the ointment each time- these always settle in the bottle. Then we take the lid off. Now, this long nozzle- it does need to go all the way down. This owner’s got a nice hold here just stopping the head from shaking about- sometimes get an extra helper. In the nozzle this goes down Be careful careful But all the way down and squeeze hard for at least a second Very small outlet on this nozzle means you don’t get much out otherwise Then massage. This vertical part of the ear canal runs down the side of the head in a tube, and gently gently because this hurts squeeze and massage down. This actually relieves most dogs They quite like it and milking that ointment down before the dog shakes it out. Once we’ve done this for a little bit, a nice squelching noise, so you get enough in, we can now let him go.

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