How to Put In Contact Lenses : How to Open the Upper Eyelid for Lens Wear

Hi! My name is Elton Hall and I’m from Texas
State Optical in Austin, Texas. I’m here on behalf of Expert Village, and I’m going
to show you how to insert and remove contact lenses. The third step is learning how to
open your eyelids up as much as possible, so you can get as much room as possible actually.
If you are right handed, you can do it with the right hand or left hand, which ever you
want to do. I use my middle fingers to hold my eyelids open. The top eyelid, you should
pull it all the way back just like this. Make sure that you get as much of the eyelashes
out of the way as possible. If you have problems with that you can actually just start from
the inside of the eye and kind of work your way over so you can hold your eyelids. A lot
of people do not have long eyelashes as I do, but you’ll be just like that.


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