How to Reduce Acne and Skin Inflammation by Vegan Oil Free Diet & Balancing Hormones

>>Dr. Delgado: Dr. Paul Savage, we have an international audience. And they’re listening and some of them are
thinking, “Too good to be true.” I noticed that the
quickest way to get people’s attention is; they have a skin condition, and sometimes
they don’t quite understand because they want to rub something on it and clean it up. But beauty starts from within doesn’t it: Acne, skin conditions, cysts? Would you agree? Tell me about
your experience with skin conditions, if you do?>>Dr. Savage: That’s a great question because I played this game not even a month ago. I went to a major board in Chicago, invited to their CEO board meeting. And sat in front of them presenting about of all things, inflammation. And it’s interesting that so
many people are like, “Well whats inflammation? I haven’t heard about that.” It just strikes me as odd because they
really haven’t heard about this. But then what I did was I took my turn
and looked around the room and simply by looking at their faces I could see who were the ones that were
having more problems with their inflammatory system. To the point where I would pick one
gentleman out. He was 28 and I said, “You’re very healthy.” And he was. Then I picked the 64-year-old he had to
be the oldest guy in the room. He also was very healthy. And I said, “So what’s your blood pressure?” “110/70” “Are you on any meds?” “No” Then I looked at the one guy who was the CFO, He was obviously not healthy. And I said, “How many heart meds are you on?” He goes, “4” I said, “How bad is your blood pressure? How bad is your cholesterol?” He said, “How do you know this?” I said because its written all over your face. Literally written all over his’ face with the puffiness and the redness and the rosacea. All these skin problems. You don’t have to
be a genius to understand that when the face gets inflamed or it
breaks out or it gets puffy, you have an abnormal process and that has to include inflammation. You’re going
to win the game every time.>>Dr. Delgado: So be it’s interesting that certain
intervention, certain supplements, will help clear up the skin fairly
quickly to a degree. But it’s also a sign that the underlying lifestyle needs to be corrected as well.>>Dr. Savage: Underlying lifestyle, if patients are presenting ill, always needs to be improved. >>Dr. Delgado: I
remember being in front of an audience of 1,000 people and we brought my microscope on stage. We
had the lipid cholestech machine onstage. And I
asked the audience “Who here is the healthiest person in
this room?” Several hands went up. And I looked around
and I didn’t take much time but I said okay, ”
You, you , you, you. Come on up here.” And then I said, “Who’s the unhealthiest? Who
considers themself absolutely unhealthy?” And hands went up, and you look
at them and say, “Yeah you, you, you, you, come up.” And then we put their blood up on TV screen. We
did the choloestech machine and then we asked each person, “Tell me your
lifestyle, tell me what you eat, tell me how you exercise.” And each person
to a person their blood their blood tests and their
story match their condition.>>Dr. Savage: Absolutely, to your point, you don’t have to just do the blood test.>>Dr. Delgado: But they had to see it. The audience needed to see it right? >>Dr. Savage: As a clinician you can look at people’s face.
It’s a terrible game we play as physicians. When we walk down the street and go:
heart disease, cancer waiting to happen stroke coming, thyroid deficiency. >>Dr. Delgado: Testosterone deficiency.>>Dr Savage: You walk down the street and you see people. Osteoporosis and you
know that the underlying thing here is to a significant amout caused by
lifestyle. The painful part is that they
could turn these things around at any age, with changes in their lifestyle. >>Dr. Delgado: Dr. Paul Savage, its sometimes a source of frustration
you just went down perfectly. As if you walk down the streets of New York, LA, or did it doesn’t matter
where you go within the western world. But then you go down
the street of other cultures. Certainly Asian cultures.>>Dr. Paul Savage: People who travel
internationally, I just got back from Vietnam and you walk through
that population, and your like, “This is on really healthy population!”
It was amazing! They’re on their bikes alot , they’re walking down the street.>>Dr. Delgado: Soup, a lot of vegetables, and very little oil. Less oil is used in their culture, cooking, and food
preparation.>>Dr. Savage: And if they use the oils, they use the better oils.>>Dr. Delgado: Yes, yes. And what we do our live center live in center, which is only for a select
few people,>>Dr. Savage: I was one of those.>>Dr. Delgado: We go out to restaurants because we want to
prove that; look, it doesn’t have to be this…>>Dr. Savage: You can go out to any restaurant anywhere.>>Dr Delgado: There are probably certain cuisines that are
a little easier to order at. >>Dr. Savage: But you and I have gone out
to dinner a number of different times and you have to ask the waiter, “I want
this. I want these vegetables grilled.” I’ve never had a problem with them
accommodating my wishes. And even if I’m with large groups of
people. We go to steak houses.>>Dr. Delgado: I was just gonna say, your reading
my mind. Go to the steak house! Everybody was thinking, “Wait a minute, steak house, what are you talking about Delgado?” What do you order? You
look at the side dishes. Possibly: asparagus that’s great, oh a good baked
potato, maybe yam, sweet potatoes, broccoli right?>>Dr. Savage: Spinach, salads. plenty of stuff. And I’m not opposed to people
having some portion of beef. A little. >>Dr Delgado: Alright, they don’t need it but they can be sociable or whatever. >>Dr Savage: I have no problem with some flank or fillet. But you know I do give them a bit of a stare down if they go for the prime rib or the porterhouse. >>Dr. Delgado: And then the dessert.>>Dr. Savage: We don’t allow the bread on the
table because we don’t find any need for it. I have no problem in these restaurants when I order a plate full of grilled vegetables. And I find that thoroughly enjoyable. And I know its interesting because a lot of your listeners may be like, “Thats boring,” but it’s actually a
lot of fun.>>Dr. Delgado: I’ve had steak houses
a little shocked if, “What do you want?” And they
come out with this beautiful plate. And then the other people are leaning forward, and their looking at this chunk of steak with a few little vegetables now look at my massive, incredible beautiful dish.>>Dr. Savage: It’s colorful, and grilled, its got a little herb on it.>>Dr. Delgado: Oftentimes
Dr. Paul Savage, its sometimes in the sauces. I think, I remember from my big, heavy, meat eating days
when I ballooned up. I have my stories Its the sauces! I’ll use a little steak sauce at times. on my vegetables.>>Dr. Savage: I get concerned about the sauces.>>Dr. Delgado: Yeah, there are addictions right?
We know that there is a chemical reaction of in those who can’t control themselves. they need a cleaning period right? >>Dr. Savage: I would say that
the majority of people have a predisposition to addictions, its a just how much you feed it. There’s the genetics, some
people are more sensitive than others. But its not like those
don’t go away, they do! I mean they can actually
completely go away I know I had many additions that I get cravings for.
They don’t occur anymore.>>Dr. Delgado: I remember you once asked me, “Rate different blenders.” We went through the vita-mix and there was a German one. Thats it!>>Dr. Savage: Thats still one I have, the Vita-Mix and there was one other one.>>Dr. Delgado: Well the low end was Hamilton Beach but it was $39 I shipped it in broken and they sent back a brand new one. It was within the year period. They replaced it. >>Dr. Savage: I don’t have a
Vitamix I just have a have a very good blender and I think I’ve
had that blender for years now. To your audience, I may have said, I still do my blended drink, everyday. Were talking because we’re here
at this convention, I didn’t do my blended drink today and my lips are dry. >>Dr. Delgado: Hydration!>>Dr. Savage: Hydration through the vegetable drink. I can drink enough water today and still can’t get the moisture that I get from eating the whole vegetables.

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