How To Reduce Computer Eye Strain – Gunnar Wi-Five Crystalline Lens Glasses Review

The Gunnar Glasses provide reduced eye strain
for gamers, programmers, designers, and anyone else who scrutinizes a computer screen all
day long. Staring at a computer screen without protection can often cause headaches, dry
eyes, blurred vision, and eye strain. Gunnar glasses are designed to protect you from this. The Wi-Five Crystalline Glasses are different
from most gunnars. Most Gunnar glasses are tinted and changed the way color looks through
the glasses. These do not have any kind of tinting or color change, so they can be used
for color sensitive work such as graphic design or video editing. The glasses are lightweight and you can instantly
feel the difference from looking through the Gunnars. They get smudged very easily and
you cannot use harsh chemicals, such as rubbing alcohol, to clean them. Does it actually work? No one really gives
conclusive information on this. There’s no real empirical science behind it. But I
feel a difference wearing them and eye strain protection is a high priority for me. I purchased
my Gunnars on sale for only $50. $50 worth of eye protection is a good idea for someone
like myself who uses the computer heavily so I recommend them to anyone who earns their
living on the computer.


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