This meditation is for relieving
eyestrain. Get into a comfortable position in a quiet place where you
won’t be disturbed and close your eyes. Take a slow breath in then gradually let
it out. Eye strain is a common sensation often associated with staring at a
screen for extended periods, reading for a long time or long distance driving. Not
only does staring at the screen hurt your eyes, but sitting with a hunched-over
posture constricts your breathing… reducing your energy and ability to
focus. So let’s start this meditation by bringing awareness to your body. Become
aware of where you are sitting and where you are situated within your environment. Bring awareness to your easy posture so
that you’re sitting comfortably without strain. Relax your jaw and feel your shoulders
drop as your breath deepens. Try bringing attention to your breath
without changing it in any way. Simply observing your breath will bring your
body into deeper relaxation. As you pay attention to the rise and
fall of your chest notice your shoulders drop ,your heart
rate slow and a feeling of calmness wash over you. Let all tension flow out
of your body. It’s easy to take your eyes for granted
but they are hardworking and deserve your love and gratitude. Let’s move your
attention to your eyes. We’re visual creatures enjoying so many experiences
through the sense of vision. The eyes are truly miraculous so don’t forget to
really see with your eyes. Your eyes will be stronger if you release the tension
in your eye muscles allowing space where tension normally exists. First, let’s
create some tension by scrunching up the eyes… tight, tight, tight. Now relax the eyes. Allow your eyelids to close gently and feel the difference
between tension and relaxation. On your next inhale invite attention to
the area behind your eyes. The muscles behind the eyes control the movement of
where you look. Relax this area. Feel the release. You might still feel your eyes
moving behind the eyelids and that’s okay. Relax your cheek muscles. Your cheek
muscles are connected to the eye muscles around the eye socket.
Allow your cheeks to loosen and relax their grip. And now relax the forehead muscles which are connected to the top of the eye socket. Unfurrow your brow allowing the
forehead to become smooth. Let your eyebrows relax down to their normal
resting place. Imagine putting a warm washcloth over your eyes feel as the
muscles around your eyes instantly relax. Feel the warmth wash over your eyelids,
the area to the sides of your eyes and the area under your eyes. Feel the subtle
release of tension. Become aware of any lingering tension or
straining or squinting you might be doing. It’s okay to loosen this tension. By relaxing the muscles you can move
your eyes better. It’s safe to let go. Now let’s pay particular attention to
sensations that feel good in your face. You might overlook when you feel good
because it often feels like nothing so let’s focus on the pleasurable
sensations while your eyes are resting. These might be feelings of warmth,
comfort, softness. Now let’s do a move …rub your hands
together, get them nice and warm. Cup your hands over the socket of your eyes. Keep
your eyes closed and stare into the dark space. Hold the pressure until all the
residual tones fade to black. Hold for 30 seconds don’t forget to relax your
shoulders and keep your breathing natural. Let’s end where we started bringing
awareness to your breath, noticing the sensations as you breathe in and how it
feels when you breathe out. Notice the air coming in and out of your body. This
is a good time to include some affirmations. In your mind repeat after
me .. I love and appreciate my eyes… my eyes help me see things from all perspectives…
I am so grateful for my eyes… I see the people and connections in my
life with deeper clarity … today I see the light in others. As you open your eyes
blink your eyelids while counting up to ten in your head. And now allow yourself
to soften your gaze while looking downwards, back in the present moment
with your own sweet self. Take a look around you now. Now that your eyes feel
fully relaxed. Remember today look out for the miracles around you. Thank you so
much for joining me for this meditation.

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