How to relieve Lower Back Pain with Reflexology

Back pain, we all have experienced some
form of back pain. A couple of weeks ago I somehow had very sharp lower back pain
to the point where when I was lying in bed on my back turning to my side was
very painful and I hadn’t experienced that for decades. Being the good
practitioner practitioner I am, I forgot my own tools for a little while
and when I started using them the pain subsided quite quickly so within 12
hours it was much more bearable and within 24 to 48 hours the pain was at a
level that it was very comfortable and then it disappeared. Of course I knew it
was muscular, if you have back pain that is longer lasting or you know you’ve
done something wrong, it’s not just muscular, I would advise you to seek
advice from a medical practitioner or a physiotherapist. These tips that I’m
sharing with you are for self management, you can use them on yourself
anytime absolutely in between other forms of treatment or even just as self
help if you know there’s nothing serious happening there.My name is Anne from
Energy Reflexology and the tips I’m sharing with you can be used anywhere
really and anytime during the day so let’s start with an acupressure point
that helps to relieve pain anywhere in the body including a lower back pain. It
is situated on the dorsal aspect of the hand below the index finger and there’s
the webbing with the thumb. You place a finger on the bone here, below the index
finger. You can either use your index finger or your thumb. If you use your
hand this way you can use it anywhere when you talk to people and no one knows
what you’re doing but you do! So you press on that point for 30 seconds 60
seconds at a time so again it is that spot on,
leaning against the bone below the index finger. The second area that you can work
is the spine the reflection of the spine on the hand so we have the coccyx and
sacrum here then we have the lumbar we’ve got the thoracic spine and then
the cervical spine which is the neck. Lower back pain, we work the coccyx
sacrum which is situated below the little finger and the ring finger you
can massage it this way, you can massage it that way, you can use your knuckle and
again when you’re talking with someone you can just do this or that and
it doesn’t intrude in your daily activity. I like to use what we’ve been
taught as Reflexologists is press, release, move forward, press, release and move
forward and there you can feel a little bit more under the skin so any pressure
that is used needs to be firm enough so that you reach the layers below
the skin but do not hurt yourself. If you’re just caressing the skin, nothing
much is happening. It’s pleasurable, it feels nice but it doesn’t work the
tissues below the skin level. So that is an easy one to use, a second one you can
use on the hand is working the whole area here, like a wider area than just
that line and you can again massage it or press, release, move forward and when I had the lower back pain, this was quite tender, it is not now and you can also
use your knuckle in that whole area and both these, working the spine or the
wider area, you can use and you have to use on both hands. The spine is in the
middle of the body and this is also the middle of the body so we we work the
whole area. Now the other area we can work, that doesn’t intrude in your daily activity you can do it when you’re
reading a document at work or you’re on a phone call at work or you’re walking,
you can massage here. So it’s that area from let’s say the middle of the eyes
across the hairline and in the middle you can go down a little bit the other
area is from the tip of the nose up a little bit up and down and near the
earlobe on the face on the bone and that’s reflections of the spine on the
body so they’re, sorry, of the spine on the face. There are many projections of the whole body on the face and the head and that
allows us to reach areas in the body from multiple perspectives. So we can
massage with one finger, we can massage with several fingers, we can use the
knuckle as well or we can place our fingers together, press down a little bit
and stretch the skin a tiny bit and you can work across. The same with the center,
we can work down this way or you can massage this way. With the nose as well,
because there’s not a lot of bone under the tip of the nose but, press
firmly enough so that you do not squash your nose and massage up and down. The
same here we can massage both sides at the same time with one two or three
fingers and here as well when you’re at home for example you can use your
fingers and do this and reach the tissues below the skin do not just
caress the skin. So these are quick tips on self health for lower back pain. Another area that you can use very easily is the ear. The earlobe represents
the whole body the head is in the earlobe and then
we’ve got the cartilage going up here and that is the spine, so you can place your
thumb behind the earlobe for support and you can then massage up
along that ridge of cartilage and find the spot that may be a little bit more
tender and when you find a spot that’s a bit tender, that’s great because it means
it needs a bit of work. You can work both ears at the same time. It’s always a good
idea to work the ears because it warms the whole body and it really feels
great when you’ve done it and the best thing is to remove earrings if you wear
them so you can massage the whole earlobe as well. So that gives the whole
body and, just having done this a few seconds it feels great.
Thank you for listening and have a great day bye you


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