How To Remove A Tick -Removing a Tick Without Pain or Tweezers – Removing A Tick from A Dog ✔

Hook It Up Audio Hook It Up Audio I wanted to make this video to help
anybody that’s trying to remove a tick from an animal especially a Dog I had a unique
situation today “April Here” Clapping sound “Bark” ok sitz this is on my German Shepherds her name is
April look pretty April for the camera hello
everybody okay so I’ll she had and I Noticed right
under her eye right here about three-quarters down from
three-quarters of an inch down from her eye she had a little pea looking thing and I realize
it was a tick so the first thing I do is I googled
the easiest fastest and most painless way to remove a tick
from the dog everybody said take a pair tweezers make
sure you get the mouth parts out you know its really painful for the dog so the
way I did it was pretty unique and I couldn’t find it on the
internet which is why I’m doing this video and April obviously remembers this and what I
did is I went and got this frontline that I had because I use Frontline on a
regular basis my Vet recommended it this is like the fourth month or the
fifth month i just didn’t apply it because it was wintertime and I’m pretty sure that’s how the tick latched on in the first place it was right under her eye so I was
kinda nervous that if I just grabbed the tick and pulled it off the ticks mouth parts might
stay in her skin and then it could get infected inflamed
and its painful was kinda close to her eye I wish I got it
on camera when I did it but my camera guy wasn’t here yet
this was about three hours ago I took this little dropper here and i put about two
drops of frontline right above the tick right on the fur and I was really
surprised because literally in about twenty or thirty seconds I noticed and here”s the tick right kinda shriveling up already within about 15-20 seconds the tick
just-released let go and fell to the ground and that was
pretty much it so the dog as you can see there’s really
no swelling I mean is a little something here left
over from the bite so that’s where the tick latched on and all the mouth parts are intact and
the tick has been dispatched took about two hours but he has now
passed away not many things discussed me or get under my skin but this thing looks pretty nasty and It was
still walking around even though he was engorged and I don’t
think this is fully engorged cause iv’e seen bigger than this even though he was engorged he was still
like walking around he was able to walk on the side, pretty impressive nature you know so and thats how I remove the tick from April and I think this will help a lot of people because I put gloves on just for safety but in
reality I never touched the tick I never had to do any kind a mechanical
intervention nothing I just put two drops of frontline right above where the tick was and the tick fell
right off the dog in 20-30 seconds thank God for frontline and thank God for my vets recommendation hope this helps you


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