How to Remove a Toddler’s Red-Eye

– I have red eyes. – You have red eyes. There’s an app that let’s
you take care of that. (dramatic music) – Good morning everyone. Today we are going to Colleen’s house to shoot some collabs. And then, Colleen’s gonna drive me to work while Jessica drives the kids to meet their friends over at Disneyland. So they’re gonna be spending the day at Disneyland while Colleen and I work on Haters Back Off. It should be an excellent day so let’s do it. – [Jessica] What just happened here? – I had a pie mess. I spilled the pies. – [Jessica] What? What happened Jacob? What were you guys doing? – Spilling the pies on our face. – [Jessica] The aftermath. – I think I need a new shirt. – So the kids just filmed the pie in your face
challenge with Colleen and it was so funny and so much fun and totally crazy huh. – [Jacob] I want some too. – I’m done. – You’re done. – I’m bigger. – You’re bigger because you’re a grownup? – Do I have green eyes? – Do you have green eyes? – I have frad eyes. – You have frad eyes? – I have red eyes. – You have red eyes. There’s an app that lets
you take care of that. – She has red eyes. – Bailey has red eyes too? – [Bailey] I have brown eyes. You have brown eyes as well. – What color eyes do I have? – You have green eyes. – Their green?– – [Bailey] Greenish blue. – So you’re done with this, I can take this from you? – Yeah.
– Yeah? – We made it to California Adventures! I am so excited and I think that I’m already sweating. Yeah, that’s how it is
for us in California. Parker are you excited? Who’s here today? – Katherine. – [Jessica] Ah, there she is and Siler. (laughing) Katherine’s your special friend. – Ah, I got your glasses. – You do, can I have them back? I’m having trouble seeing. Oh that feels so good, thank you. So we’re gonna go check Jacob’s height for California Screamin’, see if he’s there yet. Op, not yet.
– Op, not yet. – So close, Jacob can you
see on the view finder where you’re at? Pretty close huh. Wham whap. Hopefully by the time we get back to Canada, he’ll have grown. We’re waiting for the big
kids to get off Space Mountain and the kids are crawling around like this. What’s down there? I think the goal basically is to touch everything at Disneyland
for science purposes. – [Kids] Oh, uh. – I’m really thankful that it’s not ending in licking. ‘Cause basically most games with toddlers do. And at least we’ve come that far. This is my first time eating at, I don’t know what this is called. Maybe Jolly Holiday? I was called it Carnation
but I think Carnation is across the way. I actually thought this
place was always a character breakfast reservation place. But it’s actually kind of a buffet in the day or maybe it always is, I don’t know, I always
thought it was a character breakfast that you couldn’t get into so I never went here. But I have salad and green beans. And the kids have little pasta dishes. How are you doing Parker and Katherine? – Good. – [Jessica] Good food? Jacob, how’s your food buddy? – Good. – Yeah, we’re all happy. It wasn’t like too crazy expensive, it was definitely Disney prices but I’ve seen worse. So they had like a plate, that showed a salmon it was like this big and then they gave me one that was like this big. I thought that was a little sneaky. But overall, great. It’s a nice place, they have Gold Peak ice tea unsweetened. And it’s hard to find a
good ice tea at Disneyland, because they sell soda everywhere. But you can’t get brewed ice tea so I’m really excited about that. It’s gonna pick me up
for the rest of the day. Oh my goodness, I’m so excited. I just ran into my
childhood friend Elizabeth, here she is and she has a new baby. – Hi! And I haven’t seen her in years and years and she doesn’t even
live anywhere near here. And she’s just magically at Disneyland. ‘Cause it’s an amazing magical place so I’m so excited to see Elizabeth. Yay! – Yah for reunion! – [Jessica] Oh you trouble makers, what did you do this time? – Robbed three banks. Ah! – [Jessica] What? – I didn’t. – [Jessica] You didn’t,
were you wrongfully accused? – No, I didn’t do anything. – [Jessica] So how did you end up in jail? – Because she did something. – No I didn’t! Hey, he told them I did something wrong, that’s why he’s in jail! – Oh my goodness. Hanging with the wrong crowd Bailey. Whoa, look at that jellyfish. What do you think? So we’re seeing the night parade. And it’s so good, I love it. I love the beginning song, I told you guys before and we’re at the, what is it? I think it’s the Jolly Holiday restaurant and we couldn’t find any seats out on the street and I’m so excited we got to come here because it’s kind of great. Like we just came right in as the parade was starting and there were all these seats available and I ordered some waters and stuff and now we’re sitting out here watching the parade and the fireworks are gonna happen too. So we’re gonna, we have lots, everything. – Alright, it’s a long day at the office. I am very happy to be home. Um, the kids seemed like they had a great time at Disneyland today. Something I want to remind you guys about is that at the end of all
of our videos right now, we have the play the connection game link. I’m also gonna put a link
in the description box. Basically what that is is if you click on that it’s gonna take you to
another one of our videos or some other video. And there’s some
connection between the two. All you have to do is try and figure out what that connection is and write it in the comment
section of this video. And we’ve done that for all our videos for the past two months. So if you like the connection game, I think it’s really fun you should go and try it out and play it. And tell me what you think. Should I do that again next month or leave it out. I’m totally open to either. I don’t know, are you having fun with it, are you even playing it. Please let me know in the
comment section down below. Alright,thank you and what do you think we should talk about now? Hi, let’s talk about what we learned today. We learned that you can tell how hungry your kid is by how willing they are to lick stuff off of the table. We learned of the thrills of Disneyland, totally worth the price of admission. And finally we learned that Bailey does not like
to be wrongly accused. Thanks for watching everybody. We’ll see ya next time. (kids laughing) – Look what Parker got in the mail, a Zootopia driver’s license Parker. And it’s got your picture on it. – Yeah. What is even that?
– Look. – [Jessica] There’s Jacob.


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