How to remove flat wart moles skin tags naturally (PERMANENT) | 2 Acupressure point treatment

Welcome all. I am Jyoti khatri, health and
holistic wellness expert. In this video I’m going to share the TCM treatment
for flat warts or moles. Flat boards or moles is a common viral infectious skin
diseases. According to TCM this disease caused by wind heat induced in toxicity
in the lungs. Spleen is blocked by other meridians and causes various forms of
depressions in the skin. In this video I’m going to share two simple
and effective acupressure point treatments to solve this skin issue. You will surely
get relief from this skin issue, but make sure you be consistent into your
practice. In fact these acupressure points are so simple that whenever you
find time you can easily stimulate them. Once you correctly identify these points
there are chances that those points are tender painful or sore. Eventually when
you see that your problem is resolved then all the pain tenderness and
soreness is gone and you will regain your health. It’s a kind of sign that
body shows to you. If you want me to cover some other topics then do mention
them in the comment down below. Be sure to watch this video till the end as I
will explain how these acupressure points works and I will give you some
extra tips. Subscribe to Samaya yoga YouTube channel so that you won’t miss a
single video. Let’s get started. The first acupressure point is for
your large intestine. To locate this point, properly bend the elbow so that
elbow crease become prominent, locate the outer edge of the elbow crease. You will
find this point on the outside end of the crease on the elbow. Gently stimulate
this point on both the hands for about a minute each. It will help to clear the
heat, cools the blood, removing obstructions from the large intestine
energy channel. In TCM, all major organs work in pair. Lung and large intestine
work in pair. They represent the metal element. Lung produces the voice and
provides proper moisturization to the skin. The natural rhythmical
inhalation and exhalation is often disturbed either due to internal damage
caused by harmful emotions or external injury due to the climatic factors. This
disturb the general energy flow inside as well as outside of the body. The
element of the lung which is metal then loses its clear quality. The best way to
restore purity in the metal is by regulating the breath. One must regulate
the breath first. Once the breath is regulated erratic
movement will not occur and heat fire will come down all by itself. I have
already made a video on breathing technique make sure you watch that video
for better understanding. Once your breathing pattern is correct almost all
of your problems will be solved. Just develop the understanding of how your
body work. The second acupressure point is located on the liver meridian.
This acupressure poin is kind of what I say is reset button for your body. As after pressing and stimulating the
second pressure point you will feel immediate calmness and relief. It is
located on your feet about two finger width above the place where the skin of
your big toe and the second toe joints. Apply deep and stimulating pressure on
this point on both the feet for about two minutes. It work on both liver qi and
blood and on the gallbladder. This acupressure point is also useful for stress
lower back pain, high blood pressure cramps, limb pain, insomnia and anxiety.
Ancient Chinese texts include usage of this acupressure point for digestive
issues, eye problems, genital pain, headache, canker sores and irritability.
The scientific studies on the stimulation of this acupressure point
has shown positive result to manage post- stroke depression. Also lower blood
pressure and plasma ethylene-1 level in hypertension patients. Liver and
gallbladder form a pair. They represent the wood element. All living beings rely
on them for growth. Liver also is in charge of color. If it’s energy or Chi is
in harmony one will enjoy healthy lusture. If damaged, the body will appear
dry and brittle. The best way to nourish liver is by refraining from
anger, rage, resentment, frustration because these emotion damages the liver. Which then attack from the stomach and spleen. It also then counter-attack to
the lungs and also damages the gallbladder as it is yin yang pair. So,
put rest to anger – that is another key to maintain good health. My main purpose of
creating this video is just to help you to see your body as integrated whole.
Along with your mind, emotions and spirit. You just eliminate the root cause. We all
are born with natural healing ability. Our body keep on
revealing sign about the state of your health. Understand them and prevent the
disease. I hope you liked this video. Hit that like button down below. Be sure to
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