How to remove red eye – Photoshop

Hello everybody welcome back to another adobei Photoshop CC tutorial guys this one. I’m gonna show you how to get rid of redeye It’s not as common anymore with the newer phones. They’re they’re quite good at Taking pictures and getting red eye out of him, but you still come across it a fair bit And I’ll show you how to do it in like 60 seconds start the timer, okay guys I got this picture here of this little boy with got red eyes on it The next step here if you’re following along with me is you want to click on the layer? I’m gonna drag and drop it on here, so I create a second layer. You can also command or control J It’s quicker, so I’m working on the top layer I’m gonna go over to the left side here, and now if you come down a little bit You’re gonna see here the Spot Healing Brush is probably what you’ve got pre-selected cuz that’s the top one But if you go down this here you’re gonna see the red eye tool bang we’re on our way guys select that now we got to zoom right the heck in and Click on the red part with the plus sign so where the plus the crosshairs are click on the red part left click Red eye gone. Let’s do this one Red eye is gone and that is it guys. It’s it’s like 30 seconds you can get rid of redeye and just if you’re not 100% convinced. We’ll turn the top layer off So there’s the original shot? Here’s the new shot red eyes history guys 30 seconds. That’s all there is to it Thanks for watch the tutorial got a ton more stuff coming. See you soon

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