How to Remove Red Eyes From a Photo Using Photoshop Elements 15

Welcome back to our course on PSE 15. In this section we’re going to look at one
of the most common fixes that you will probably need to perform on pictures of people taken
indoors with flash and that is Red Eye Removal. It’s an almost unavoidable problem whereby
if you take pictures with flash indoors and people are looking at you and the flash you
get this red eye effect that you can see in the little girl there. One of the less known effects but also one
that people like to fix is what’s called Pet Eye Removal. The problem with pet eye removal compared
to human red eye removal is that the changes in color and the effect on eye color in pets
is more variable than it is in humans. And usually to remove the effect in an animal
such as the dog in this picture takes a little bit more work. So let’s start with the girl. So let me choose the Red Eye Removal tool
and I’m going to try Auto Correct. Now you should just about manage to see there
the change in her eyes. Let’s do a before and after view and let
me use the zoom tool and zoom in on the general area of her eyes. I only need to do it on either the before
or the after. And now you can see both versions. You’ve got the before on the left. Note the redness in the pupils. And then on the right it’s removed the redness. Now it’s removed the redness but of course
it can’t replace it necessarily with the correct eye color. So you may want to do something that’s a
little bit more like the pet eye that I’m going to do in just a moment if you want to
restore the person’s correct eye color. But in terms of removing red eye itself it’s
done a pretty good job. Let’s go back to Fit Screen. Now I’m going to look at After Only and
let’s turn our attention to the dog. The first thing I’m going to do is to zoom
in on one of the dog’s eyes. Having zoomed in on that eye I’m going to
select the Red Eye Removal tool and make sure I’ve got Pet Eye selected. Having selected Pet Eye I’m going to draw
a rectangle around the eye. So click, draw a rectangle and release. And what PSE 15 does is effectively to darken
the center of the rectangle where the eye is. Now if I want more or less darkening I can
use the Darken Slider which is part of the tool options for Red Eye Removal. So if I don’t want it quite as dark as that
I can make it a little bit lighter or darker still maybe. And I can also vary the pupil radius as a
proportion of the selected eye area. So I started off with a default of 50%. If I want to make it a bigger area, bigger
area and so on I can or maybe less and less. So by adjusting the pupil radius and the level
of darkening I can achieve a realistic representation of this dog’s actual eye color and the amount
of the eye that’s actually dark. A dog like this would probably have quite
dark pupils. So having tried that let’s go back out to
Fit Screen and you can see one of the eyes looks much more realistic than it did before. Of course I haven’t worked on the other
eye. I’d need to do the same on there. And depending on how much time I was prepared
to spend on this I should be able to make the dog’s eyes look as much like they really
look in real life as I want to. That’s the end of this section. I’ll see you in the next one.

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