How to Shoot a Bow with Both Eyes Open | Archery Lessons

All right. As we had discussed before, in another segment,
eye dominance plays a big part in archery. One of the reasons that eye dominance does
play a big part is because usually it’s advisable to shoot a bow with both eyes open, and your
dominant eye is the eye that’s doing the aiming. So, if you’re right-handed and you’re right
eye dominant, then we have no problem, because you’re only seeing out of your right eye to
begin with. If you bring the bow up and you aim it, and
you pull back and you anchor, both eyes are open, but she’s only seeing the aimer out
of her right eye. If I close this eye off, it wouldn’t change
anything in her picture. If you are left eye dominant, and you shoot
the bow with both eyes open, being a right-handed shooter, if I shut your left eye off, which
is the eye that you were looking through to aim, your bow would actually move over this
far away from the line of aim. So, shooting a bow with both eyes open is
advisable only if you’re shooting with your dominant eye.


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