How To Tell If You Need Reading Glasses |

If you’re over the age of 40, it’s likely
that you need reading glasses. It’s just part of getting older. If you’re unsure
though, I have some great ways to test your vision. You can test your vision needs by looking at a diopter chart. This chart contains rows of words ranging from
different sizes that correspond to a specific prescription. This chart will
help you gauge your vision needs and what specific reading power you may need.
You can download this chart by clicking the link in this video’s description. A
quick test to try at home involves reading. How far away do you
hold something to read it clearly? If you hold a book more than 12 to 18 inches
away it’s time to get some reading glasses. Think about your daily tasks. Do
you struggle to perform hobbies like sewing, cooking, or playing cards? If it’s
difficult to see the cards in your hands or the food on your plate, you may need
reading glasses. Strained vision and tired eyes can lead to headaches. If you
experience frequent headaches, you may want to purchase reading glasses to ease
your eye strain and stop the headaches Finally, visiting your eye doctor is the
most reliable method of testing your vision. You’ll perform a series of exams
that can reveal a need for vision correction. I’m Susanna with Thanks for watching! Click Subscribe to get notified about
our newest videos and leave comments below to let us know what other topics
you’d like us to discuss. Keep tuning in for more fun facts!


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