How to Turn On Red Eye Reduction on your Sony® Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera

Hi I’m Tatiana from Sony and I’m
going to show you how to turn on the red eye reduction feature on your Sony interchangeable lens digital camera red
pupils in images are are caused when using your camera flash very close to the
camera lens and ambient low light your Sony camera has a feature available
to prevent the red eye effect in your images and save your time from having to edit
your images later with editing software for my demonstration I’m using a Sony interchangeable lens digital camera
let’s get started turn on your camera press Menu then set
up turn the control wheel to select red-eye
reduction and press center of the control wheel
them by pressing the Up or Down of the control will select on and press Center press the menu
button to exit menu now you’re ready to start taking normal
and not demonic and crimson images of red eyes for more tips,
tricks and how-to videos please visit us on
or on our Sony Support USA YouTube channel thank you


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