How to Use Visor Reading Aid

Hi! I’d like to tell you about an
assistive technology called Visor. It’s a Chrome extension. So I’ll show you
how to get to it. You just type in “visor” Chrome extension into your
search bar and it should be the first one that comes up. You click on that and it takes
you to the Google chrome store. This one is free, you don’t have to pay for anything,
and you would just click here – I’ve already added it – but you would click
here and it would appear as a little TV screen in the upper right corner. I’ll
show you how it works. Here I’m at a Newsela website about SpaceX and Mars
civilizations. This is a reading the purpose of this web extension is for reading. So what you
would do is you would go and turn it on. And this is what it does: it follows your
mouse along with you as you read. It can really help to stay focused on where you
are and where you’re going so you don’t skip lines, you don’t miss anything, you
don’t repeat lines as easily. Now there are lots of options: you can play with
colours – the preset I find is it’s pretty good but, you know, if it if it motivates
a child to read with his or her favorite color then, by all means do that. You can
also adjust the size of the line that you’re on, so depending on the text on
the screen you can have it down to two lines or bring it to three, whatever
you like. I hope that helps you with your reading. Happy times.

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