How To Use Your Spiritual Power to Live a Magical Life (Law of Attraction)

law of attraction how to use your spiritual power to live a magical life awaken the creator within did you ever say to yourself I wish that I might never again be afraid of anything or have you met someone who had such a deep calm and peace that you have thought how I wish that I might be like that person did you ever in some still moment feel as though you could almost reach out and touch something that would make you whole happy and complete I know you have and I’m sure that everyone else has we’re all alike because we are all human beings you share this feeling with every other person and you instinctively know that there’s something you ought to be able to tune into which could make everything right not only for yourself but for others and for the whole world it is said that Jesus walking through the multitudes diffuse the healing power which touch people into wholeness by its divine presence his command stilled the wind and wave his knowledge of spiritual law fed thousands his consciousness of peace calm troubled mind his love was a healing balm to the sick have you asked yourself why can’t I perform these same miracles why can’t I live a life of magic I believe everyone has we do not know how Jesus acquired his wonderful face but he must have had moments of doubt and misgiving just as we all do he must have experienced uncertainty just as you and I but unlike most of us he triumphed he walked over the waters of doubt the waves of confusion and the tempest of “law of attraction” how to use your spiritual power to live a magical life awaken the creator within fear he said in effect if you wish to do what I’m doing follow the few simple truths I’ve given you I told you that the kingdom of God is at hand you do not see it because your eyes are so filled with tears that you cannot see your ears are so dulled with confusion that you can not hear your minds are so weighted down with doubt that you cannot understand what was his remedy for all of this open your spiritual eyes listen with the inner ear open your minds what is it that we are to open our eyes our ears and our minds to what is it that we must see hear and understand it is this life flows into everything through everything it passes into every human event and translates itself through every human act if you learn to think of life as flowing through your every action you will soon discover that the things you give your attention to our quickened with new energy for your breathing the very essence of being into them you can think yourself into being unhappy and depressed or you can think yourself into being glad did it ever occur to you that you can also think yourself into being well into being prosperous that you can think yourself into success well you can if you believe in the law of life and use it rightly but you must learn to use it affirmative Li you must learn to identify yourself with your desires just as gravitational force holds physical objects in place so there is another kind of force that operates on your thinking and tends to bring in to experience those things which we hold in mind this explains why faith is effective because faith is affirmative attitude of mine which uses to create a law of attraction creative spiritual power attract create manifest power of thought constructively we can use the laws of nature consciously and decide what we want them to do for us but we are not these laws they are greater than we are we may have implicit confidence in them because we know they will never fail we know that when we plant a certain kind of seed we will get a certain kind of plant we know that when we mix certain colors together we will get another color we do the planting and the mixing but nature produces the results if we can keep these simple thoughts of mind and come to realize the creative power or our thought is a power that we take out of nature rather than put in it’ll be great help to us we are surrounded by a law of mind which acts on our thought this is the security of our faith and the answers to our prayer to Jesus spiritual laws were just as real as physical ones are to us he knew that there is a silent invisible creative force which acts on us and through us at all times whether we believe it or not and his purpose and mission in life was to show us that these laws exist what they are and how they work and how to use them in such a way the only good will result jesus never said that it is wrong to be happy he never intimated that God wishes us to be sick or poor quite the reverse he used spiritual power for every conceivable purpose for what we call small things as well as big things and he said that everything he did was an example for us to follow and that if we do definite signs will follow our beliefs our faith and our acceptance you must become the master of your own thinking this is the only way you can law of attraction how to use your spiritual power to live a magical life awaken the creator within realize freedom and joy therefore you will have to turn your thoughts away from black want and limitation and let them dwell on good make yourself do this learn to think about what you wish to become you are a thinking center in life and the chief characteristic of the law of life is that it responds to thought your slightest thought sets of a vibration in it sets its creative intelligence in motion and causes it to create circumstances for you which will correspond to your thought if you think of life is always bringing to you everything you need you will have formed a partnership with the invisible which will prosper you and everything you do if you think of the organs and the functions of your body as activities of life then automatically you will benefit physically the spiritual gifts which people have so earnestly sought after are not sore thing that God has withheld from man quite the reverse they are something which man and his ignorance has withheld from himself life is not vindictive it is not withholding anything from you every longing and yearning you have ever had every secret desire of your soul every constructive ambition you have ever had is whispering of this life assuring you that you are the one with it you are a manifestation a personification of it your Center where life passing through you becomes definite distinct unique individual there is no one else like you in all the universe and there never will be if you’ll take time daily to sense the presence of life within you to believe in it to accept it it will not be long before the life which you have known will gradually disappear and something new will be born a bigger better and more perfect to you you will pass from law of attraction how to use your spiritual power to live a magical life awaken the creator within death into the life from lack and want into greater freedom from fear into face from a sense of being alone you’ll pass into the realization of oneness with everything and you’ll rejoice in this oneness there may be some who think that before they can accept this position they must become profound philosophers spiritual sages or men of such deep scientific knowledge they stand apart from the rest of the world this is not true what the wisest have known is only a little more than you and I know they cannot answer your questions for you you will have to answer them for yourself even the best man who ever lived could not live for you you’ll have to live for yourself you do not have to borrow power from anyone every man is some part of God whether or not he knows it or believes it but we hypnotize ourselves into thinking we are incomplete and imperfect we identify ourselves from the fantastic pictures of our morbid dreams but the ropes that bind us our ropes of sand to understand that our faith is operated on by a natural log gives us the key to the situation but it isn’t enough just to believe in a principle this is only the starting point principles have to be used if they’re going to produce definite results for us and whether the principles are physical mental or spiritual makes no difference it isn’t enough to say that faith can do anything for most people already believe this what we have to do is not only realize that faith can do things we have to find out how faith is acquired and then we have to use it for definite purposes to merely state that you believe that God is all there is will not necessarily cause anything to happen but when you believe that God is all law of attraction how to use your spiritual power to live a magical life awaken the creator within there is and when you have implicit confidence in the law of good and when you use this belief for definite purpose then something will happen and the reason why it happens is that you are surrounded by a creative power a creative mind or a creative principle whatever you choose to call it you are surrounded by such a creative power which actually does operate on your thinking this is the key to the whole situation let us then learn to make known our requests with Thanksgiving and an acceptance and having done this in that silent communion of our soul with its source let us believe that the law of good will do the rest if then we can come to see that such a law exists and that we are using a Power greater than we are we shall at once be relieved of any sense of responsibility about it as though we had to make the law work but we do not sit around holding thoughts or trying to compel things to happen as a matter of fact this would defeat the very purpose we wish to accomplish we can no more make the law of mine creative than we can compel an acorn to become a tree we do not hold thoughts / acorns nor do we visualize an oak tree what we do is plant an acorn and let nature create the oak tree for us this invisible force was real to Jesus he had implicit face in it and because he did all those things which have seemed so miraculous followed he was a spiritual scientist who had come to understand that there is a universal principle of mind a creative intelligence which acted on his faith and conviction he could tell the paralyzed man to get up and walk turn the water into wine and multiply the loaves and fishes by a process which to him was just as natural as it would be for us to use any of the laws of nature with which we are familiar he used a power which all people have but which few people are aware of and he plainly told his friends “law of attraction” how to use your spiritual power to live a magical life awaken the creator within they could do the same things some of his immediate followers did experience the same miraculous signs following their belief and throughout the ages designed to followed many people’s belief you are in a divine partnership with the giver of all life God the living spirit Almighty and ever-present therefore say to yourself quietly but with deep conviction I now accept my divine birthright I now consciously enter into my partnership with love with peace with joy with god I feel the infinite presence close around me I feel the warmth the color and the radiance of this presence like a living thing of which I’m enveloped I am no longer afraid of life a deep and abiding sense of calm and employs flows through me I have faith to believe that the kingdom of God is at hand it is right where I am here now today at this moment I feel that there is a divine law of good which can will and does govern everything therefore I feel that everything in my life that is constructive everything in my thought that his life giving is blessed and prospered it blesses everyone I meet it makes glad every situation I find myself in it brings peace and comfort to everyone I contact I am united with everything in life and love and peace and joy I know that the presence of love and life gently lead me and all others guiding guarding sustaining upholding now and forever you law of attraction how to use your spiritual power to live a magical life awaken the creator within


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