How Your Heart Works

KidsHealth presents ‘How the
Body Works’ with Chloe and The Nurb. [humming] The nerves in those guys. Let me guess, the Pinky Gang? (SOBBING) They’ve got my Mommy. [blowing nose] [gasps] What? Your Mommy! Those knuckle-headed jerks! This has gone too far. Now it’s personal. It’s Mommy-saving time. Read me that note again. “Dear, Little Nurb —
that’s what she calls me — the Pinky Gang has taken
me to the final chamber.” And that’s it. That’s all she had time to
write before they took her away. Hmm, sounds like a riddle to me. We just have to figure
out what it means. Oh, I’m out of breath. And my heart’s thumping
like a runaway train. That’s because your
body’s working hard, which means your heart and
lungs have to work harder to get oxygen through your body. [gasps] Wait, that’s the
answer, the heart. Isn’t the answer
always in our hearts? Well, yes. But I meant the
answer to the riddle. I think they’ve taken her to
the chambers of the heart. Ah, yes. Exactly as I suspected. They may have the head start. But we have the advantage. We know the circulatory system. We do? We’re going to follow this
vein directly to the heart. Thank you kind river for
taking us on this noble quest. Nurb, it’s blood. That’s its job. Your veins carry
blood to the heart. And your arteries carry
blood away from the heart. Away from my heart? Is that safe? It’s not just safe,
it’s necessary. You need blood
everywhere, from the top of your head to your toes. And arteries and veins
called blood vessels are how the blood gets
there and back again. But why? What do my toes need blood for? Your body is made of
tiny cells that all need oxygen. It’s
your blood’s job to bring the oxygen to
every part of your body, including your toes. So how does this oxygen
get in the blood? The lungs bring oxygen into
the body when you breath. From there, it has
to find its way to every other
part of your body, and the blood is its
delivery service. The heart pumps blood to
the lungs to pick up oxygen then pumps the oxygenated blood
out to the rest of the body. After the blood has
delivered all the oxygen, it picks up carbon
dioxide, a waste product. Then the blood goes
back to the lungs to drop off the carbon dioxide
and pick up more oxygen. And the whole
process begins again. The circle of life. Uh, Chloe? How long are we going
to be on this boat? (SINGING) There’s no
earthly way of knowing. The oxygen just
keeps on flowing. And the eyeball keep on rowing. And they show no
sign of slowing. Oh! Oh, Chloe! Make it stop! OK, we’re here. Chloe, this heart is huge. The human heart is only
about the size of a fist. But this is the
heart of Bodylandia. Now, the note says they have
her in the final chamber. If we follow the blood
flow through the heart, it will take us through the four
chambers of the heart, the two atria and two ventricles,
and right to her. Watch out Mommy
stealers, here we come. Uh, Nurb. Blood is going that way. Here we come. We started in the
right atrium where the blood enters the heart. From there we followed the blood
through the tricuspid valve into the right ventricle. Valves keep blood flowing
into the right direction. Next, it took us through another
valve, the pulmonary this time, and through the pulmonary
artery up to the lungs. That’s where the blood
loaded up on oxygen. We all left that place
fully oxygenated, exited through the pulmonary
veins into the left atrium, then, at last, through
the mitral valve and into the left ventricle. The final chamber. What’s that noise? Mommy! Oh no, what have
you done to her? Jonathan Nervequith
Nervington, you shush now. I’m fine. But you were stolen
by the Pinky Gang. How could you be fine? Stolen? I wasn’t stolen, you
silly little nurb. I’m teaching my Monday morning
yoga and meditation class. What? Didn’t you read the
note I left you? [coughs] “The Pinky Gang has taken
me to the final chamber.” Turn it over. Oh, [coughs] “for our Monday
morning yoga and meditation class.” But it’s the Pinky Gang. They’re the bad guys. Oh, they’re not that bad,
they just need to relax. I’m teaching them how
to find their centers. I feel so focused. So tranquil. I never realized being
evil was so stressful. Why don’t you join us? When we’re done, we
can all leave together with the oxygen-rich
blood through the aorta. (CHANTING) Circulatory,
circulatory, circulatory.


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