Human Eye (JHE01B)

dear students lets now study about, one of
the most important part of our human body that is human eye. we know that, it is, the
most important. sensory organ. of our body. by which. we see this colorful world. lets
have a look on the picture of a human eye. this is the internal structure of human eye,
and in coming sections we’ll study about, different parts of human eye in detail. here
you can see the front portion of the human eye is called cornea. through which light
enters into the human eye. and inside cornea, there is a dark muscular diaphragm. and this
is called iris and there is small opening in side the iris with in the iris through
which light enters. into the eyeball and this small opening we call pupil. and behind the
pupil there is eye lens, through which when light passes light rays may diverge or converge
depending on, from which distance the light rays are coming onto it. and after lens. there
is. a transparent liquid field in the eyeball through which. these light rays fall on. a
biological screen. behind the eyeball or at the end of the eyeball that we call retina,
on which the lens produces an image. and this image is senses by some biological cells and,
a retina. which transmits, the sensory signals through the optical nerves to the brain by
which we are able to see the image. and another important thing which i left over here is,
ciliary muscles which are holding the lens from the sides these ciliary muscles, may
relax or strain. and produce some variation in the curvature of eye lens also. in coming
sections we’ll study about, different parts of human eye in relatively more detail.

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