Hunter × Hunter (1999) ~ Kurapika got the scarlet eyes back

Now everyone, the final item
of this year’s auction. Considered to be one of the most
beautiful colors in the world, the Scarlet Eyes! Since the Kurta Clan has
been annihilated, we know that there are
only 36 pairs of these eyes in existence. This exquisite pair has
an exceptionally brilliant tone. Who’ll start us off at 100 million jenny?! I must apologize.
My predictions were wrong. The leader of the Spiders has been killed, and the auction has gone ahead as planned. What?! They’re auctioning off the last item
as we speak, the Scarlet Eyes. Do you want me to bid on them? Of course! Get them,
no matter what. What’s your limit? There is no limit!
I don’t care what it costs! Very well, sir. All right, the bid is 310 million,
going once… 350 million. 351! 355! 370! 371! 500 million! It’s up to 500 million!
Do I hear more? One billion!! What?! 2.9 billion?! Yes. I got into a bidding war
with the bald man who hit you. Damn that Zenji! That’s a lot more than I wanted to pay.
What a greedy pig! Well, it doesn’t matter. I can easily earn that back
with Neon’s fortune telling. All right, thanks for the update,
well done. It’s an investment to move up
in the Community. But as long as I have you, I’ll never have a problem making money. You’re my ace in the hole…
now and forever. Did you actually think
you could get away with this? Stop right there! Move. What’d you say?! You’d better not.
Don’t mess… with me. Kurapika?! Kurapika! Kurapika! Kurapika! Me and Killua met the Phantom Troupe. Even if you don’t consider us
friends or equals… One of the guys in the Phantom Troupe
cried in front of us. Seeing him like that made me feel so angry, I couldn’t forgive him. We wanna stop those guys too! We don’t have to anymore, Gon. The Spiders are dead… and so is my objective. “We’ll be waiting in Dayroad Park.” Gon… Killua…


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