Hybrid Contact Lens Tutorial

This video is designed for instructions
on how to insert remove and care for your new hybrid contact lenses for
insertion prepare your area wash your hands thoroughly remove your lens from
its case make sure the lens is right side up and is rinsed and clean position the lens on either of these insertion tools you may use a tripod of fingers or
you may use a large plunger to balance the lens fill the bowl of the lens with
a couple drops of saline position your head 90 degrees parallel to the floor
look down grab the top lid at the lash margin look up and grab the bottom lid
at the lash margin look straight down at your target bring the other hand with
the lens up to the eye bring your fingers away from your face and then
release your eyelids the removal of the hybrid lens requires you first to wash
and dry your hands thoroughly secure the lids by looking down and placing your
finger at the top lash margin look up and place your finger at the bottom lash
margin with the index finger and your thumb grab the bottom of the lens at the
soft skirt of the lens and gently pull off the eye once the lens is removed
from the eye it is important to make sure that you clean it before placing it
back in the case

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