Hypermetropia or Farsightedness (GA_JDV04A)

let us now study about another eye defect
that is hyper metropia. this is also called. farsightedness. and, in this. defect. eye
can see. far off objects. clearly. but, can not see. near by objects. clearly. as, we
know that the normal eye can see all objects between near point and far point clearly due
to its, accommodation ability. but when we talk about hyper metropia then, we can write
in, hyper metropic eye. when we talk about near point and far point of the eye as, this
eye can see far off objects clearly that means its far point, is at infinity only, so their
it is able to see all points. all objects which are located far away from it. but in
a normal healthy eye at a near point is 25 centimeter but in case of hyper metropic eye.
in hyper metropic eye it is, some distance. beyond 25 centimeter, in this situation, the
near point is slightly displace away from the eye. due to which when objects are placed,
at a position around 25 centimeter which a normal healthy eye can see clearly. a hyper
metropic eye can not see clearly. in this situation, lets have a look on this realistic,
situation. which explains how, hyper metropic eye behaves. in this situation when, a nearby
object, is, placed at some distance from hyper metropic eye. the light rays which are getting
into the eye. will converge at a point behind the retina where as in case of a normal eye,
these are focused, at the point of retina which produces a clear image. but, in a hyper
metropic eye, for nearby objects the image is produced, behind the retina so the image,
seen by, such people which are having hyper metropia is not clear. now, how we can correct,
this hyper metropia that also see. this is the case of hyper metropia. and if we talk
about correction. correction of, hyper metropia. this can be seen over here in this situation
we use, a converging lens. if, in case of a hyper metropic eye, when light rays from
nearby objects fall. then these rays are converging to a point behind the retina, but if a converging
lens, spectacle is used in front of the eye, the light rays when incident on this lens
it converges before falling on the eye lens, so finally the light rays are, focused, at
the retina and, a clear image can be seen. so correction of hyper metropia, converging
our convex lenses are used in spectacles.

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