I Accidentally Became A Meme: Blinking White Guy

I accidentally became a meme and this is that story my name is drew Scanlon and some of you may know me as the blinking white guy meme I was working as a video producer at a website that covered the video game industry called Giant Bomb part of my duties as a video producer I not only was shooting and editing a lot of video but because we were a really small team everyone was always on camera kind of all the time and we did this weekly show called unprofessional Fridays for our premium subscribers and it was basically just us sitting around playing a bunch of video games the dry bomb fans are amazing and they’re very very passionate so there were animated gifs being made of us constantly so that part was not really new to me when that happened it always was sort of contained within the giant bomb community or like maybe video games at large the video the meme was recorded in just one of these sessions where we get together and play games and my coworker Jeff was playing a game called Starbound which involves farming and he said so I’ve been doing some farming with my with my hoe here and kind of Atilla what kind of a so what is it we heard about and that’s the reaction I made to that sort of double entendre I guess and it was just like one joke in a two-hour show it didn’t at the time it didn’t stand out as anything particularly special I think one of the weirdest things is that four years went by Between the villains when that video was shot and when the meme kind of reached its critical mass I don’t really know why that happened I always just attribute it to Internet chaos theory the point where I noticed that it had sort of blossomed into this larger thing like outside of the gaming community was people mentioning to me on Twitter that they saw it used somewhere else like their mom used it on Facebook or something like she has no idea who you are but she used it on Facebook and there were also a lot of tweets using it that had like tens of thousands of and retweets once I got a sense of how large it was you it was honestly a little scary because it felt very much out of my control I mean nothing on the internet is within anyone’s control really but it just there’s something about the scale that was a little alarming I was very thankful that that that clip was fairly innocuous something I said may have been twisted into something bad or it could have been more embarrassing like that has certainly happened to people on the Internet at some points it almost doesn’t feel like me like I just made a face on a live stream it was it was other people that you know trimmed that out and then discovered a way to use it there’s still not a lot of association with with me people think it’s Cary Elwes they think it’s Michael C Hall and so you really have to dig a little bit to figure out to trace it back to again a real person I have been recognized one time as the meme guy because of the fact that it was so long between the filming of the video and when it kind of got popular I looked pretty different like I had more facial hair my hair was longer so shout out to the guy at the Dublin Best Buy memes are this weird different thing they’re different from you know celebrities like actors or something people expect actors to be real people they don’t necessarily expect that and this is just my theory they don’t necessarily expect that from memes because memes come from the internet I don’t know that people necessarily will notice someone and say hey I think I know that guy from a meme it actually happened right at the time where I was leaving Giant Bomb to start cloth map cloth map is a video project on YouTube but it’s supported by my audience on patreon some people I think jokingly associated like ah Drew’s a big meme now so he’s gonna go out on his own when like there was no correlation there at all my audience sends me around the world to explore different countries through the lens of the and sports that they play games are a lot like food they’re this thing that people come together and do with their family and friends and it’s a commonality across all cultures on a trip for cloth math I went to Brazil and I met some people who had heard somehow that the guy from the blinking white guy meme was coming like not that was not I wasn’t there to be a meme I was there to like you know ask them questions about video game development in Brazil and they were all very excited to to meet me which you know that was strange but but kind of fun which I think strange but kind of fun kind of sums up the whole thing I think the reality is a weird thing I think if you chase it it doesn’t come I think people are really good at detecting deception and when people are being inauthentic that is easy for humans to detect I think if if if this happens to you I think my advice would be just to embrace it you can’t you can’t hide on the internet so whatever is out there is out there and just try as best you can to have fun of it 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