I Love My Dad’s Best Friend But He Has A Dirty Secret

Hi! Are you ready to hear a shocking story? Well, I’m about to tell you one. Although, you might just simply laugh at me
when I finish… So, my name is Maxine, I’m seventeen, and
I’m going to the college in my hometown after graduation: no need to move far away from
home, furthermore, my father is a professor there. My father plays a very important part in my
story. And I love him very much, regardless of everything
that happened. That’s why I want you to get to know him
better. He is a handsome man in his early forties. With an excellent sense of humor and a very
sweet disposition. Five years ago he and my mother got divorced. More often, children stay with their mother
after their parents split, but not in my case. My mother had a serious problem with alcohol,
which started almost right after I was born. My father tried to fight her habit for more
than ten years… for my sake, I guess. But when I grew up I told him that it would
probably be better if we lived together, just the two of us. The rest was simple. So it goes. Many people think that divorce is something
bad. I don’t know. I watched it all happen and it seemed to me
that my father was breathing freely for the first time in my life! Of course, a couple of years later his friends
and I started to jokingly tease him that he needed to find a girlfriend. But he would just smile and laugh it off,
replying that he had all he needed in his life. And you know, it did seem like it! His life was always full and interesting. He likes to go to the theater, he never misses
a good art exhibition, and he snowboards. In addition to all that, he spends a lot of
time with me and we enjoy hanging out together a lot. But I don’t like to snowboard or ski, so usually
he’d go to the mountains alone. And approximately one year ago he met John
on a ski slope. Despite the fact that John was about fifteen
years younger than my father and he was not in any way connected to teaching (he was a
web designer), they quickly became good friends – joined at the hip, as they say. And I understood why about five minutes after
I met John! They were so much alike – both in their
looks and their personalities, with their habit of finding a way to turn everything
into a joke, and the fact that they never get down.” I liked John a lot. And I enjoyed the fact that he began to visit
us very often. We had a huge house anyway, where there was
enough room for everybody so it never caused any inconvenience. On the contrary actually, it was much more
lively when John was around. A few months passed and I could not imagine
our life without John. He loved theater almost as much my father
and I did, he helped me with my Spanish, he helped my father with his library research,
he played with our dog, who seemed to simply adore him. And you know, I was nothing but happy when
my father told me, in his usual joking manner, that John visited us so often that it would
be better and smarter if he just moved in and lived with us, instead of paying somebody
else for an apartment somewhere else.” And that was the story of how John moved in
with us. And to see him at home, with all of us creating
a small crowd in the kitchen while cooking breakfast, teasing each other, arguing about
who’s next to go food-shopping… and finally just going together… I have no idea at what exact moment I fell
in love with him.” I told you, I’m seventeen. And all of this had nothing to do with a little-girl-falling-in-love-with-Daddy’s-old-man-friend
nonsense. Well, at least I didn’t think so. Anyway, I couldn’t find any reason why John
and I couldn’t be together. We got along really well and he was so much
like my father, who was, in turn, an ideal of a man for me… and John was ALREADY like
a part of our family. There was only one problem – I could not
figure out how he felt about me. He told me nice and flattering things pretty
often, he never avoided my company… but that was all. So I decided that he must be very well-mannered
and therefore just didn’t know how to behave in any other way with the young daughter of
his best friend. And for me, it really only added more points
to his charismatic personality. So nothing held me back from dreaming that
if he liked me too, I could have a chance to marry the best man in the world! So there was just one little thing that remained,
to work up the courage and clear things up. Well, fortune favors the brave! I couldn’t have picked a better moment! My dad was gone for two days with his students
and John and I were left alone. John was working on the computer in his room
and I was trying to be creative in the kitchen. Mostly to calm my nerves down, but I also
thought this dinner should be good enough in case it turned out to be romantic, or at
least we could eat some good food while making fun of such a ridiculous thing as unrequited
love. Like two grown-up people. Humming something under my nose, I set the
table and told John that dinner was ready. He came down looking tired, his eyes were
red, but they came alive as soon as he saw the food. I was talking casually but inside I was tense,
like a bowstring strung tight! I was looking for the best moment, when suddenly,
I said in the same casual tone: “John, there is something I have wanted to tell you for
a long time. I like you a lot. What do you think, is there any chance that
you and I could be together?” John suddenly became very serious and confused. He gave me a strange look and said, very slowly:
“Maxine… I thought you knew that your father and I
are a couple. Actually, WE thought. When I moved in, and you took it so welcoming…”” “This is very stupid, but at first I decided
that this must be some kind of a joke. Well… this joke was not so hot, but any
would do when the alternative is: “Thank you, but I do not like you at all.” But John said something totally different:
“Maxine, you’re a fine girl, what a good wife you would be. But… I’m so sorry.”” You know, I am very proud of myself. I did not run away in tears. I did not make a scene when my father came
back. Actually when your life turns upside down
because you were so stupidly blind – it can only be your fault. Nevertheless, I talked to my father and he
was very upset and full of regret that he didn’t talk to me and tell me straight out,
but just with humorous hints here and there. Well, neither he, nor John are to blame… It’s just that they never even considered
the chance that his daughter would fall in love with her father’s boyfriend. Who would have thought, right? I wish I could be far away from this town
and from the two men who I love so much… and who would feel better without me. But as I said, our house is big enough for
us to avoid each other until one day we can laugh at what happened. Like three grown-up people. Thank you for listening to my story. I think I’ll be alright. I hope you never get into a situation where
you would feel as stupid as I feel now.


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