IBC 2013 – Sony PMW-400

IBC 2013 – Sony PMW-400 This is the new offering from Sony, it’s the
PMW-400. On this side of the camera, very familiar. 2 x SxS slots. This camera will
record MPEG IMX, MPEG HD, DVcam and Mpeg HD422. 422 50 mega bits it’s already broadcast acceptable.
It’s very cost effective compared to the other offerings on the market. High sensitivity
F13, but what I really like about this camera is its flash band reduction so CMOS sensors
tend to have this problem where if a flash goes off, you lose half a frame. This hjas
a piece of software that deals with that problem. It also has WIFI option and another option
at 2014, is XAVC ready, so as well as the inbuilt codex you’ve got the ability to shoot
XAVC in the future. 2/3 inch sensor, nice ENG camera, and it’s really keenly priced.

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