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hello welcome back this is the Luckbox
podcast I’m back with Paul alright thanks for coming back I know you’ve
been halfway around the world I may be the whole way around the world and at
this stage it feels like it yeah do you know what time it is you know what day
it is you probably lost a day somewhere I vaguely remember what month is okay
that’s good enough because the monthly change though no I don’t even remember
the way though we’re in May means it’s IEM Sydney and this is you
for I am Sydney the cs:go it’s would you call it when it’s halfway through well
it’s pretty you don’t mess up my notes you’re always messing up my
introductions well but but the final doesn’t begin until Friday this is
Wednesday well Wednesday night if it’s Australian
time so so the fans don’t get into the arena until Friday correct so that is
the real preliminaries okay preliminary hands some of this okay I mean I always
like I am Sydney because it’s got a great crowd and obviously a great
community come together but what I also and I’m not gonna start with teams this
time I’m gonna start with Talent mmm there are seven Australians as partly
talent team and I like that it’s something ESL used to do back in the day
when I was mmm twenty twelve twenty thirty something like that they would go
to an arena or an area around the world and they would then find local talent
and it would be the best local talent and they would bring them in and they
these guys and ladies had never done a big international name before so it was
an opportunity for them to come in main art for instance in Starcraft it was one
of those casters back in a toe who’d only ever done Australian stuff and
we’ve kind of watched a little bit of him and we all thought he was really
good and then we did Shanghai so it was local region we were able to bring him
out it was cheaper that was back in the day when we were trying to keep costs
down was actually quite a bad thing to do right because employ local and then
you sprinkle a few international winner I like the fact is I’ve gone back to
this I don’t know if it is for cost I hope not because I think it’s more
because they genuinely want to just mix it up a bit more and the fact that
they’ve got one observer who’s Australian they’ve got two panelists of
these SPUNJ kind of counts as and how these days cayshh instead of cache sniper X
Vox Emma noir and immunity and I think he might have been even in exile back in
a day but he anyway he’s also on the analyst desk this time as well and then
there were a four four commentators yeah from Australia all doing I am City so I
think that’s really cool I’ve heard a lot of Australian voices we’ve had it on
it’s not just SPUNJ doing all the jobs gets an analytical staff from SPUNJ it
me as a viewer if I’m seeing an event in another country I want to feel like sure
it’s coming from that country so degree but at the same time it’s a fine balance
right so we went to Mumbai and there was some talk about do we put Hindi inside
the arena during the matches mmm and then come back to the panelling linguish
in between and there was a little bit discussion back was before is about know
if you well know most people in India speak decent English so it’s easier to
do English in the stadium all the way through but there is an element of are
we not disrespecting but should we pay homage and we should be making it easier
for that talent Indian talent to come through know all the Indian casters and
analysts were all there we worked alongside each other with doing their
own stream as far as I know they did a great job every time I will pass it
sound like there are great arguments on the panel so that’s good but they didn’t
get any exposure on the International stream and that it’s a little bit sad I
think I wish we’d had at least one of those guys on the main stream because
then they kind of get that international recognition right same with the Australians but also the South Africans I’ve worked a lot of South African some great talent
down there but they’ve all had to leave in order to go and make a career like
yeah it’s quick shot Roy obviously the Sam out there Sam right who’s had to
literally fly our wings and leave South Africa and
do international stuff bury those orders down there as well he’s had to go off
and do wesg and all sorts of other stuff so it’s
frustrating for me – what’s that kind of talent be really cool really great but
not be able to do something when an internationals thing rolls into town
right difficulty South Africa was there on that one yet but most really have and
I like the fact that you yourself embrace that given plenty of new people
a child I say new because some of these guys been doing it ten years in
Australia so you know new to us in terms of international so that was that was
the big thing for me now I am Sydney all right throat I think Greyhound and
Chiefs renegade playing right now sorry this is going to go out in a couple of
years they were doing all right against heroic yeah the guys lost to nip and
then they lost a mouse oh yeah and you could get males versus big against each
other for a place in the last six would be to play in the stadium now they’ve
already played in round one and now suppose lost narrowly to big that was
close yeah sixteen fourteen up overtime so liquid knit both through and then one
off male sports big or MVP now I can’t all just be family vehicle even though
they be you know I can’t see him being big and in Group E energy one against
phase and they might be our one against fnatic this morning this morning our
time and and now it’s and this is why I think it’s good that we’ve got
Australian talent because I think that the only ones gonna be there in the
arena because Chiefs are playing fanatic for a place in the last final yeah and
phase are playing great and Oh Great Hanshin so the game was going
on just but they now got a beat phase okay
albeit with wanker Yanko is our standing have they not got their plays back the
hypnosis I’ve got a dren as their trends in the team and a young close playing as
well for the second tournament yeah I think he’s stood in for Guardian that okay they’re not they’re not they’re not
full strength awful straits but I think phase should come through against
Greyhound of fnatic ship need cheese if that happens and these are Australian
teams but if both Australian teams win they play each other for a place to
play in the last six inside the arena which would be amazing see they have two
German squads or German orgs which means it’s it’s panning out quite nicely and
surprise I guess is that really that much of a surprise with energy and MIB
ah but they’re both through I think an IP going through sir mm little bit of a
surprise because obviously they played renegades in aspirin and I thought
really goes woodwind they’re playing well liquid obviously I think well
liquid are the favourites yep even though actually phase are the defending
champions yeah but they really have three or five right now and no
disrespect to a dren he’s not mad frags not gonna get me new and like the kind
of numbers up Nico can put up and the same with my good friend yank I’m
pleased to see him playing in phase will be a little bit weirded out at the same
time but he’s not the world’s greatest Frago either you know even when we play
played in a couple of those show matches they should be called slaughter matches
actually with Yanko a team yeah who carried us in those games but even then
he couldn’t carry us hard enough so I don’t think anybody done that though I’m
not sure anybody in the world could have carried you home you know what I find
super cool about this tournament is that really any well I say anybody could win
but it’s a wide field of people here and it feels like that every time we got
everytime Australia because Australia’s are not there yeah actually said amount
of 250 thousand dollar-plus major tournaments attended in the last
month Stratos zero Yanko – is it isn’t it a bit weird like
no but Australia’s are they ruining the game for everyone
now that Frost viewers no no are they pulling everyone up because either way
look if you think back I’m gonna use Foreman one analogy now so you’ll have
to bear with me if you think back to the early 2000s Michael Schumacher won 5
World Championships in a row in the Ferrari everything and everyone said go
so boring other than the f1 fans true f1 fans didn’t think it was boring because
they were enjoying a moment of pure dominance that they’d never seen since
the days of Fangio in the 50s so they thought it was something unique and he
ended up with seven World Championships which is still a record to this day and
one might get it but sevens the world that’s a record
no one’s ever won more than seven World Championships what he’s doing it there’s
that kind of oh god it’s Ferrari oh god it’s Michael Schumacher
oh god it’s another boring race for the f1 how cool fans is not right but then
let’s go back and save right imagine a world where he was so dominant that in
Hungary he suddenly saved yeah guys I’m not attending hmm would that make it
more exciting or less exciting well it’s just a disappointment from that point
onwards isn’t it is it well or is it more exciting because it mixes things up
gives us someone else a chance to drive the Ferrari are they as quick can they
match their teammate is it more entertaining race because Michael
Schumacher is not involved oh I see what you mean but I’m saying is you open the
field and then suddenly it’s a it’s a completely maybe it Peaks more interest
because big Michael Schumacher won’t win this one great he’s won 11 the last ten
races living a little living out of ten that’d be amazing
living at 12 he’s won suddenly he’s not there great let’s get more people or it
could be more of an interesting race I’m not saying it would just I’m arguing
that arguably could be and that’s the same bit of strollers taking some time
out and not going to every single women if it opens things up and the reason was
to of course the the the other point that with their own but refresh now okay
and refresh run blast Pro and blast Pro is at the same time okay so there is
that the skeptic would say well of course they don’t I am Sydney they’re
playing their own tournaments okay well but just offering a balanced view here
to weigh up both sides in case is anyone out there game radars Pro refresh I’m
not anything I’m just what do you think I mean no one ever uses our comments
we’ve down right now in the comments below here somewhere right in them
immediately what you think yes thumbs up for astral it’s not there thumbs down I
don’t know letting fans will be disappointed cuz they’re not there
purist he’ll be disappointed cuz they’re not there
I think the viewing figures will tell will see
yeah I mean it’s not it’s not quite as Crazy’s back in the point of the Navi
virtus pro days where we were praying as organizers that those two got to the
final cuz we knew that would give us the most viewership yeah by a long way by
the way mmm but a phase liquid final that would be must’ve you still be
really popular faces beautiful massive could be mouse could be renegades on
stage no it can’t be ready go could be Greyhound it’s unlikely Greyhound it’s
unlikely but yeah we will find out so stay tuned for all that keep watching
that’s easy it’s fun yeah top collie see us you

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